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Full text of "A history of the leading Branch families in America, 1638-1904"

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A Historij 

Of the 

Leading Branch rcmilies 

in Angelica 

1 635—1904 

Compiled aiAd /^rrcrvged by 

A. C. (Branch) Pciulson 

Prit\te.<J for the Writer l)y 

T\\>c Ashtabula Printing ConApany 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

With much love this little Booklet 
Is Dedicated to 


Of Oberlin. Ohio. 


My dear cousins: — In putting this little booklet in your hands, under- 
stand I have not done so with any thought of remuneration, as it costs you 
only what the printers charge me, (plus postage). Neither have I done it 
through pride in the work, as it is nothing to be proud of. I possess neither 
the education nor ability to make it so. I did it oecause of pride in the an- 
cestral name and history, and with a heart-felt desire that it be handed down 
to future generations unsullied. I have not been able to travel, interview 
people, and search records, consequently I have been almost entirely de- 
pendent upon the cousins for dates and other information; and well have 
they done their part. I must especially mention Wm. S. Mills, L. L. B. of 
Brooklyn. N. Y., the noted genealogist, author of "Leaves from Genealogical 
Trees," "Foundations of Genealogy," and "The Story of the Western Re- 
serve," etc., to whom I am greatly indebted for much valuable data and in- 
formation. Also Mrs. L. G. B. Hills, of Oberlin; Mrs. Chas. Griswold, of 
Castleton, Vt. ; and others, who, to the best of their knowledge, have pa- 
tiently answered my many inquiries. After much solicitation and faithful 
search, I have been able to gather a few items of interest with regard to the 
achievements of a few of the cousins. I would have been glad of more but a 
spirit of modesty forbade them, personally, giving such information. I am 
truly thankful to all who have so kindly assisted me in this work; I realize 
that my part is but poorly done; there are doubtless some mistakes in the 
dates, etc. However, I have done as well as I could under the circumstances. 
Many of you have the education, time and ability to do better, and if you so 
desire, there is all the opportunity in the world for you to exercise the same. 
I am very respectfully and with cousinly affection, yours truly, 



Of tho Leaciing Qranoh F'amilies of Mmerioa. 

More than two centuries and a half ago, stirring scenes were being en- 
acted in the colonies of King Charles I. There were disputes and despo- 
tism of the mother country to be overcome; war with the Indians at home 
and dissensions among the colonists themselves. Notwithstanding all this, 
the people grew in strength, knowledge, and a love of liberty, especially 
the latter. 

At that time came the first printing press among them. They founded 
colleges and indulged in heated religious debates. Women's rights were 
also discussed quite vigorously. 

In the meantime. England was growing jealous of her colonies, and 
decided to stop emigration. Therefore, in 1638, when eight ships were pre- 
paring to sail for America, laden with supplies and passengers, it was re- 
ported that they were to be detained. The captain of one of these ships, 
called the "Castle." hearing the report, hastened his passengers aboard and 
set sail, before being officially detained. 

Among the passengers on board this ship was Peter Branch of Holden 
Kent county, England, a carpenter, born there in 1601; his wife, Elizabeth 
Gillame, whom he married January 13, 1623, and their son John On the 
journey from England, Peter Branch died on shipboard, leaving the son, 
John, to the care of his mother. He also made his will, it is recorded in 
Boston, Mass., first book of Suffolk wills, page 16; dated June 16, 1638.' It 
is supposed they landed, on reaching the shores of the New World, at 
Scituate, Mass. 

I have no means of knowing how they managed to subsist and get-a" 
start, but their "stick-to-it-iveness," which is a Brancn characteristic, and 
the God whom they came here to worship as they saw fit, carried them 

There were two heads of families of Branch in New England before 
1640: Arthur, who settled in Connecticut, and William Branch, who settled 
in Springfield, Mass. There was also one Christopher Branch, who came 
to Jamestown. Va.. about 1623. He left a long line of descendants 

Foxe, in his "Book of Martyrs," mentions a Branch who, as a priest, 
was excommunicated in 1555, for some cause, real or imaginary. He mar- 
ried a Fulton, and left descendants. It is not impossible that the Ameriasc 
emigrants may have been his grandsons or great-grandsons. 

John Branch, son of Peter and Elizabeth, who was left an orphan by 
the death of his father on shipboard, was born in 1628, probably in High 
holden, Kent, England. He died at Marshfield, Mass., May 17, 1711. Mar- 
ried December 6, 1652, Mary Speed of Marshfield, Mass. To them were 
born &i» children: . ^^. „^.,. , 

John, b. 1654; killed at Reboboth, Mass., in 1676, in King Philips 

'fvar. ^ , ^ „ 

Elizabeth, b. Oct. 14, 1655; married June 22, 1677, Abel Cook of Pres- 
ton, Conn. ^ T£>i^tJ Su^■y\>y^Cf'^ $ f^- vv« .« >, •. ^a. 
' Peter, b. May 28, 1659; married Hannah Lincoln. 

Thomas, b. Feb. 18, 1661^; died 168%, at Boston, Mass. 

Mercy b. Nov. 28, 1664; married Ebenezer Spooner. 

Expereance died Nov., 1669; married Lydia , who died Nov.. 1699. 

Peter Branch, fourth child of John and Mary, born May 28, 1659; died 
Dec 27 1713 He was born on Branch island, eight miles north of Plymouth 
Rock 'occupation, farmer. When 21 years of age, he went to Taunton, 
Mass where, in about 1681. he married Hannah, daughter of Thomas Lin- 
coln born in Taunton March 15, 1662: died in Preston, Conn.. Jan. 16. 1732; 
buried there They went from Taunton, INIass., about 1682, to Norwich, 
Conn., where he bought the Branch Hill property of Oraneco, Sachem of the 

Mohegan Indians. , ^ ., ^ ., ^ ht 

A copy of the original deed is in the possession of the family ot Mrs. 
R Branch FoUett of Hartford, Conn. It has the signature of the chief; his 
mark was a drawing of a turkey. In this deed the property is described as 

"Skunk hung amuck hill." ., • -o ^ 

The frame of the second house built by the Branch family m Preston, 
Conn was re-covered some sixty years ago and is still used as a habitation, 
having been built about one hundred and fifty years ago. The Preston, 
Conn records contain the following: "Peter Branch departed this life Dec. 
27. 1713. Hannah Branch, widow of ye above Peter Branch, dyed Januarie ye 

Children of Peter and Hannah Branch: Mary, June 28, 1865; Hannah, 
h July 12 1688; Elizabeth, b. March 15, I691/2; John. b. March 31. 1694, mar- 
ried Martha Williams: Thomas, b. Dec. 25, 1698 died Nov. 1, 1778 at Pres- 
ton Conn ; married Zipporah Kinnie, Nov. 9. 1726; Samuel, b. Sept 2 1701, 
married Ann Lamb; Sarah, b. Sept. 16, 1704; Joseph, b. Sept. 20, 1707, mar- 
ried Jan. 27, 1731, Zerviah Tracy. ^;r v ot i^q^ 

John Branch, fourth child of Peter and Hannah, born March 31. 1694, 
*n Preston Conn.; married Oct. 20, 1726, Martha Williams of Preston, Conn., 
iDorn Dec '22, 1706, at Wenham. Mass. Their children: Olive; John, born 
1729, lived at Pittsfield, Mass., married Jan. 5, 1758, (new style) Pracilla 

N B— It will be seen I have taken the oldest child in each family and 
followed their descendants as far as possible, then the next in order. Ad- 
dress and occupations will be found in the latter part of the book. 

Tracy; Dorcas, married, July 30, 1752, (old style,) Solomon Story; Zllpha; 
Hulda; Hezieriah; Amariah, bap. July 26, 1741; Ash, bap. April 1, 1744, mar- 
ried Elizabeth Tracy; Abel, bap. March 8, 1747. 

The above John Branch, second child of John and Martha, bought 80 
acres of land in Pittsfield Jan. 22. 1772. He sold 100 acres there Feb. 18, 
1774. John and his brother Asa served five days in the Revolutionary war 
from Pittsneld, Mass. 

Asa, eight.- child of John and Martha, bap. April 1, 1744, at Preston, 
Conn.; married Sept. 18. 1766, Elizabeth Tracy, born April 28, 1743. Chil- 
dren six: Hezieiah, died aged 13 years; Ziboa; Olive; Lucretia, born April 
13, 1775, married Wm. Branch; Asa; Betsy, died 1846, unmarried. 

Peter Branch, fifth child of Peter and Hannah, born March 30, 1696, at 
Preston, Conn., died Aug. 20, 1759, (old style;) married March 31, 1719, Con- 
tent Hows, born March 31, 1718; children nine: Zepharriah, b. March 20, 
1720; Peter, b. Feb. 20, 1723, died in childhood; Dessie, b. Aug. 20, 1725; 
Temperance, b. Sept. 7, 1728; Marv, b. March 28, 1731; Zerverith, b. Nov. 23, 
1733; Content, b. March 29, 1736; Seth, b. April 12, 1739; Peter, b. Aug. 8, 

Thomas Branch, sixth child of Peter and Hannah, born Dec. 25, 1698, 
died Nov. 1, 1778; married Nov. 9, 1726, Zipporah Kinnie, children 1-: 
Eunice, b. Dec. 7, 1727; Thomas, b. July 3, 1729; Zipporah. b. Feb. 25, 1731; 
Moses, b. March 13, 1733; Kesiah, b. May 15, 1735; Daniel, b. April 15, 
1737; Louis, b. Dec. 17, 1739, married a Tracy; Hannah, b. Jan. 15, 1742; 
Stephen, b. April 1, 1744; Nathan, bap. 1745; Esther, b. March 21, 1748. 

Stephen, 9th child of Thos. and Zipporah Branch, born April 1, 1744; 
married Dec. 10, 1767, Hannah Starkweather. Children seven: Selah, b, 
March 11, 1770; Sanford, b. May 13. 1772; Susa, b. Aug. 17, 1774; John, b. 
Oct. 11, 1776; Seth, b. March 31, 1779; Sabina, b. March 9, 1782; Elisha, b. 
June 15, 1785. 

Seth Branch, 5th child of Stephen and Hannah, b. March 31. 1779; died 
in Cleveland. O.. Aug. 11. 1825; married Rachel Hurd and located in Cleve- 
land, O., where he owned a farm that now is South Cleveland. 

He held numerous offices of public trust. To the couple were born 8 
children, all of whom but two died many years ago. One son, Francis, died 
November, 1877; married Sarah Sleight, one child, Mrs. Jacob Hartzell. 
Also one daughter of Seth Branch survived, is now living; Susan, b. 1833, 

married Gillette, children two: F. H. Gillette; Mrs. R. H. (Gillette) 


Nathan Branch. 10th child of Thomas and Zipporah, born June 26, 1745; 

died Nov. 14. 1823; married Polly . born 1748; died Oct. 30, 1820. 

This couple resided in Worthington. Hampshire Co., Mass. To them were 
born nine children, most of whom settled in York. O., on what is now 
known as Branch road, or South street, about 1830. owning among them- 
selves all the land on that street from the Medina line west to the B. & O. 

crcssing. Names of the family: Lucinda, Daniel, Nathan, Levi, Betsy, Han- 
nah, Elisha, Elias, Lucy; all of whom were born in Worthington, Mass. 

Lucinda, first child of Nathan and Polly, b. March IT. 1772; marrried 
Bruce; children, five: Nathan. Ezekial. Harvey, Joseph, Elisha. Har- 
vey left two children: Caroline and George. These people located near 
what IS now the northeast corner of the South street cemetery. 

Daniel Branch, second child of Nathan and Polly, b. Dec. 24, 1774; 
died 1835; married Polly Parker of York, Ohio; children, ten: Alfred, Dan- 
iel, Amelia, Calvin, James. Mary, Martha. Dexter. Catherine, Elizabeth. 

Alfred, first child of Daniel and Polly, b. Oct. 30, 1799; married Mary 
Brewster of York, Ohio, children six: Charles, b. 1826, died 1849; Franklin, 
b. 1828, died 1852; Dexter, b. 1830; Daniel, b. 1833, died 1852; George, b. 
3 835. died 1852. 

Martha Branch, sixth child of Alfred and Mary Brewster Branch, born 
1837; married Wilbur F. Pierce, children six: Lola, b. 1864, dec'd; Nina, 

b. 1865; married Reck; Alfred, b. 1865; Mary Rosilla Pierce, b. 1872; 

John Crillond Pierce. Finney L. Pierce. 

Nina Pierce married Reck, children three: "Wilbur Reck, Alfred 

Reck, Reck. 

Dexter Branch, third child of Alfred and Mary, b. 1830; married (?); 
children, three: Harry, William, Carl; all dead. 

Daniel Branch, second child of Daniel and Polly, b. Jan. 26. 1802. 

Amealia. third child of Daniel and Polly, b. Jan. 12. 1804; died 1805. 

Calvin, fourth child of Daniel and Polly, b. June 10, 1806; died 1808. 

James, fifth child of Daniel and Polly, b. April 26. 1809. 

Marv. twin of Martha, sixth child of Daniel and Polly, b. Sept. 15, 1811; 
died 1837. 

Martha BrancTi, one of twins of Daniel and Polly, born Sept. 15, 1811; 

died 1893; married Stickney of Cleveland, O., children, five: Erastus 

(dec'd); Lucia. George. Jennie. Addie. Jennie married McLaughlin; Ad- 
die married Coburn. children two. 

Dexter Branch, eighth child of Daniel, b. Aug. 30. 1813: died 1822. 

Catherin Branch, ninth child of Daniel, b. Aug. 10, 1816: died 1824. 

Elizabeth Branch, tenth child of Daniel and Polly, b. Sept. 12. 1820; died 
1897: married Henry Gardner, children four: Clark, Frank O., Darwin B., 
Willliam H. 

Clark D. Gardner married Sarah Root. Children eight, all musicians: 
Lynn. Belle. Earl. Madge. Gale. Blanche. Rex, Berah. Belle Gardner married 
Chas. Canfield: children, two: Doris and Jack. 

Madge, Earl. Blanche married, one child each. 

Frank O. Gardner married Carrie Reeves: children, seven: Almeda, 
(dec'd), Frank, Lulu. Wade. Merlin. Vera. Altha. 

Darwin B. Gardner married Emma Brenner: one child born 

William H. Gardner, married: several children. 

Dr. Nathan Branch, third child of Nathaniel and Polly, b. April 27, 1777; 


children, seven: Electa, Nathan, Elijah, Lydia, Truman, Elizabeth, Mary. 

Electa Branch, first child of Dr. Nathan, married Deacon Asa Nash of 
York, Ohio; children, four: Asa, Irwin, George K., Mary. 

Asa Nash, Jr., married Eliza Hall; children, three: Clara, Asa, Ernest. 
Clara and Ernest died. Asa Nash married, resides in California. 

Irwin Nash, second child of Deacon Asa, died. 

George K. Nash, ex-governor of Ohio, third child of Deacon Asa, mar- 
ried Mrs. Deshler; one daughter, Mary. 

Mary, fourth child of Deacon Asa, died; married Henry Camp, two sons. 

Nathan Branch, second child of Dr. N., married twice; by first marriage, 
two daughters, Ursula, Minerva; by second marriage, several sons. Ursula 
married Thomas Irvine, several children. Minerva married Frank Clark, 
cue child. Eugene Clark married: has several children. 

Elijah Branch, third child of Dr. Nathan, dec'd, married; children, five: 
Alice. Laura, Jewett, William. Harvey. Alice dec'd. 

Laura married M. C. Burdoin; children, two: Rudolph and Ralph. Ru- 
dolph married; children, three. 

Jewett Branch, married, dead. 

William Branch, married, resides in California. 

Harvey Branch, married; children, two: Harvey, Edna. 
Lydia Branch, deceased; fourth child of Dr. Nathan. Married Silas Miller. 
Lived and died in Wellington. O.; children, three; Nathan, George, Lucinda. 
Nathan Miller, married; children, nine. George Miller, deceased. Lucinda 
Miller married Jerry Whitehead. 

Truman Branch, fifth child of Dr. Nathan, b. 1817 in New York state; 
died Feb., 1884. Married Amealia Pearson; children, five: Addie, Azra, 
Achsah, Lucinda, Orlando. Addie Branch married M. Fritz; children, three: 
Myrta, Ina, Pearl. Ina Fritz married Parker; children, two sons. 

Azra Branch was a soldier in the Civil War. Died at Frankfort, Ky., 

Achsah Branch married Charles Ayliff; children, six: Mattie, Ora, Grace, 
Luella, Edward, Jessie. Ora Ayliffe, married; children, two. Luella Ayliffe, 

Lucinda Branch, fourth child of Truman, married Elmer Maydole; chil- 
dren, two. (One died in infancy.) Eva. 

Orlando, fifth child of Truman, married Mary Holcomb; children, three: 
Arthur, Carl, Harry. 

Elizabeth Branch, sixth child of Dr. Nathan; married Smith. 

Mary Branch, seventh child of Dr. Nathan, married Edward Avarill; chil- 
dren, five: David, Loretta, Lucius, Rose, Ursula. 

Levi Branch, fourth child of N. and. P., b. Sept. 27, 1779 in Worthington, 
Mass.. died 1855 in York, Medina Co., Ohio. Married Mary Parker. Levi 
Branch came from Sweden. N. Y., to Medina, O.. in 1830 with his wife and 
several children. There was but one cabin in the town at that time. The 
first election was held in Levi's barn; the first religious meeting was in his 

house; the first school was in part of his house, his son Tneodore being the 
teacher. He owned the only team in the town and was kept busy making 
roads and hauling provisions from Wooster and Portage. He brought a small 
stove with him from New York and set it up in his house; it being the only 
one in the community, it created no little curiosity. To Levi and Mary were 
born six children: Lawson, Theodore, Levi, Elisha, Mary, Edwin. 

Lawson Branch, first child of Levi and Mary, b. March 3, 1804, in Swed- 
en, N. Y., died in Medina, O., 1868. Married Cordelia Philips; children, nine: 
Fanny C, John E., Julia M., Ellen A., James C, Miles, Almyra, Levi, Eveline. 

Fanny C. Branch, first child of Lawson, was the first white child born in 
York township; b. 1831. Married C. B. Abbot. 

John E. Branch, second child of Lawson, b. 1S33. Married Sarah C. Crust; 
children, four: Eveline A.. Mary E.. Fred E., Cora M. Eveline A. Branch, 
first child of John E. and Sarah, b. 1856; married Charles Bearrington. Mary 
Branch, second chila of John E. and Sarah, b. 1858; married H. R. Carpenter- 
Fred E. Branch, third child of John E. and Sarah, b. 1867; married Effie Rich- 
ards. Cora M. Branch, fourth child of John E. and Sarah, b. 1870; married 
Charles H. Jewell. 

Julia M. Branch, third child of Lawson, b. 1835; married C. P. Hall. 

Ellen A. Branch, fourth child of Lawson, b. 1837; married N. C. McOnell; 
children, two: Burt, Jay; both married. 

James C. Branch, fifth child of Lawson, b. 1839; married Maudona 
Berrill; children, three: Frank, married Ona Frost, children, two: Burt, 
Louie. Burt married; one child. 

Anna Branch married Orlo Thatcher; children, five. Mabel (died), 
Carl, Evelyn. Florence, Harrold. 

Ernest Branch married Nellie Foster; children two: Foster James, Olive. 

Miles Branch, sixth child of Lawson. b. 1841; died 1861. 

Almira. seventh child of Lawson. married James C. Cross: children, 
five: Nellie, Minnie, Pearl. Bertha, Roy. Nellie Cross married Charley Len- 
ard; one child, Blanch. Minnie Cross died. Pearl Cross married Lewis 
Erase, children, two: Ruth. b. 1899; Ralph, 1901. 

Levi Branch, eighth child of Lawson. b. 1845: married Marion Gardner; 
children, three: Fred M.. Merton E.. Ethlyn. Fred M., b. Sept. 20. 1868; 
married Lorena Rounds: children, two: Dororhy S., b. Oct. 8. 1893; Marion 
F., b. Aug. 16. 1895. Merton married. Ethlyn married, died 1903. 

Evaline. ninth child of Lawson, b. 1847 (died); married Alexander, 

children, two: Orlo, Herbert. 

Theodore, second child of Levi and Mary, married Zarah Ann Welton; 
children, three: Samuel, Chester (both dead); Mary, married Henry Burton. 

Levi H. Branch, third child of Levi and Mary. b. July 28. 1816: died 1872; 
married Mary Ann Bowen; children, eight: Alvin, Sidney, Nelson T., Henry 
M., Hilas R., Milo E., Caleb B., Mary E. 

Alvin L. Branch, first child of L. H. and Mary Ann, born April 29, 1840; 
killed in the battle of the wilderness, 1864. 


Sidney S. Branch, second child of L. H. and Mary Ann; born Feb. 20, 
1842; married Anna Hudson; children, three: Edna E, Ediths Nelson L. 
Edna E. married Frank Stout; children, two: Hudson, Shirley; Edith 
Branch died. 

Nelson L. Branch, third child of L. H. and M. A., b. March 26, 1844; died 
at Chattanooga, Tenn., 1865. 

Henry M. Branch, fourth child of L. H. and M. A., b. Aug. 3. 1846; mar- 
ried Agatha C. Gardner, (dead); married second time, Mary L. Beard; chil- 
dren, three: Ethel, Mabel, Hilda. Ethel, b. Oct. 3, 1878; married Fred H. 
Benedict: children, two: Loretta, b. June 3, 1899; Clyde, b. Feb. 9, 1901. 

Hilas R., fifth child of L. H. and M. A.; b. March 16, 1849; married Josie 
Barager; children, three: Alvin L., Lena H., Clara M. Alvin L. married 
Kobena Hill; one child, Margaret, b. 1903. 

Milo E. Branch, sixth child of L. H. and M. A., b. Feb. 22, 1852; married 
Alma Gardner, Mallet Creek, O. 

Caleb, seventh child of L. H. and M. A., b. Oct. 15, 1854; married Ida M. 
Wilbur; one child, Adah B. Branch. 

Mary E. Branch, eigtli child of L. H. and M. A., b. Aug. 31, 1857; mar- 
ried Clark Dickerman; children, two: Charley, Bessie. 

Elisha Branch, fourth child of Levi and Mary; born Sept. 3, 1818; died 
1898; married Sarah Gardner; children two: Emelia and Ella. Emelia. b. 
Nov. 24, 1847; married Lyman Watkins; children, six: Frank, Perry, Willis, 
Cora, Ella, Henry. Ella Branch, b. May 26, 1851; married Mason Gardner; 
children, two: Oma. died 1875; Gertrude Gardner married Ed Gower; chil- 
c'ren. two: Thelma Gower; Mason Edward Gower, b. June 25, 1903. 

Mary Elizabeth Branch, fifth child of Levi and Mary, born Jan. 19, 1822; 
died Oct. 17, 1882; married Aug. 9, 1840. Reuben Gardner, b. Dec. 6, 1816; 
died Sept. 1, 1901; children, eleven: Polly, Chas. T., Mary A., Lucretia, 
Fannv A, Chloe M., Lydia L., Evangeline A.. Harry R., Martha H.. Willie. 

Polly, b. April 27, 1841; died Oct. 16, 1878: married Oct. 1, 1867, Daniel 
Miles Gardner; children, eight, five of whom died in infancy: Reuben Gard- 
ner, b. June 21, 1872, married 1900: Clayton, b. Nov. 19, 1873, married 1898; 
Elon M., b. July 9, 1877, married 1900. 

Charles Theodore, b. Dec. 24, 1842; married May 22, 1866, Lydia Ann Ap- 
thorp; died March 25, 1900. 

Mary Amelia, b. Sept. 29, 1844: married Feb. 14, 1866, Chester Henry 
Pond; children, four: Louisa Corolyn, b. April 17, 1867: married 1903; 
Grace Lillian, b. Nov. 12, 1870; died Aug. 3, 1875; Mary. b. June 29, 1873, 
died Jan. 9, 1874; Alice Gardner, b. Dec. 15. 1878, married 1902. 

Lucretia, b. Nov. 6, 1846; married Aug. 19, 1871, Birney Samuel Hale; 
died July 6, 1894; children, two: Homer J. and Fannie A. Homer Jerome. 
b. Nov. 5, 1872, married 1900; children, two: Vernon C, b. Jan. 16, 1902; 
Frances M., b. April 23, 1902. 

Fannie Adealie Hale, b. Feb. 22, 1877; married 1900, one child, Dorothy 
Kale Dickson, b. Dec. 15, 1902. 


Chloe Melvina Gardner, b. Dec. 20, 1850; married June 12, 1876. Edmond 
L. Philips, children, two: Eva. b. 1887, died 1887; Ray Edmond, b. Sept. 3, 

Lydia Lovina Gardner, b. Feb. 16. 1853; died Dec. 7, 1883; married March 
11, 1875, Homer F. Comings; children, three: Mary B., b. Feb. 13, 1876, 
married 1900; one child. Homer Norton, b. 1901. 

Evangeline Adella Gardner, b. Jan. 11, 1856; died Feb. 8, 1885; married 
April 1, 1877, John Deloss Holcomb; died. 

Harry Reuben Gardner, b. Dec. 24, 1859; married Oct. 2, 1886, Emma 

Martha Hellen Gardner, b. Sept. 2, 1862; died March 5, 1865. 

Willie Gardner, b. Nov. 1. 1868; died 1868. 

Edwin Branch, sixth child of Levi and Mary, married Mary Van Bleet. 

Betsy Branch, fifth child of Nathan and Polly, b. Dec. 20, 1781. in Wor- 
th ington. Mass.; married Stone; children, eight: Serepta, William, Or- 
son, Levi, Emila, Artemisia. Emily. Lucy. 

Serepta Stone, first child of Betsy, married Hubbard. 

William B. Stone, second child of Betsy Branch Stone, born Sept. 23, 
1808; died Jan. 26, 1900; married Melissa Brintnal; children, five: Milton, 
Harriet. Amelia. Sarah, Myra, George. , 

Milton, b. Oct. 28, 1842, married Esther Rice; one child, William Stone. 

Harriet Stone, b. Aug. 22. 1846; married George Seeley; children, three: 
Wesley. George, Mary. Wesley Seeley, b. Feb. 5, 1863, married Dora Webb; 
children, four: Orva, b. June 20,1884; Walter, b. Dec. 19, 1886; Pearl, b. 
March 8, 1889; Grace, b. April 25, 1892. 

Joseph Seelev. b. Aug. 25. 1864. married Emily Wood; children, six: Ber- 
tha, b. Jan. 1, 1887; died July 3, 1889; Homer, b. June 5, 1892; Delwyn, b. 
March 19, 1894; Myron, b. Dec. 19, 1896; Ruth. b. Jan. 28, 1900. 

Mary Seeley, b. April 4, 1868, married Edward Clifford; children: two: 
Leona Clifford, b. June 8, 1885; Hazel Clifford, b. Nov. 8. 1896. 

George Seeley, b. Sept. 21, 1869; married Eliza Wylie; one child, Clyde 
Wylie, b. Nov. 17, 1888. 

«^harles Seeley, b. July 14, 1870; married Lena McCarl; children, two: 
Front Seeley; Lena Seeley. b. Jan. 26, 1901; died. 

Hattie Seeley, b. March 13, 1876. 

Orson, third child of Betsy Branch Stone, born 1811; died March 24, 
1892; married Asenath Kimber 1841;' children, three: Gilbert, William, 
Levi; Gilbert, b. 1843, married Miranda Patterson; children, six: Robert, 
Lillie, Walter, Roy. Clarence, Pearl. 

William, b. April 22, 1849; died Dec. 4, 189G; married May 22. 1873, Clara 
Knapp: children, two: Jay, died; Alice, 'b. July 24. 1874, married June 17, 
1894, Schuyler Hoff; one child, Dorothy, b. July 2, 1903. 

Levi Stone, b. 1851, married Delia Bowman; children, five: Minnie, mar- 


r^ed Paul Williams; two children, Leola and Viola; Hattie, Homer, Robert, 

Emily Stone, seventh child of Betsy Branch Stone, married William Wel- 
ton; one child, Liicias Welton. 

Lucy Stone, eighth child of Betsy Branch Stone, died 1904; married 
Lorensler Firman; children, two, both dead: Nathan Firman married Eliza- 
beth Cook: Darwin Firman married Sarah Miller; one child. Earl. 

Hannah Branch, sixth child of Nathan and Polly, b. June 3, 1784, in 
AVcrthington, Mass.; died 1844 in Medina, Ohio; married Jan. 20, 1805, Na- 
than Prentice; lived in Chester, Mass.; went from Chester to Medina. O., 

1836; children six: Barney, Phineas, Lucy (married Robins); Calvin, 

Ashel. Daniel. 

Elisha Branch, seventh child of Nathan and Polly, born April 9, 1787, 
niarried Oct. 3, 1810. Sarah Thompson, "who was a descendant of James 
Thompson, who came from England with a large colonj^ under the lead of 
Gov. Winthrop. in June, 1630. James Thompson, a descendant of James, 
the Colonist, had four sons: James. Jonathan. John and Joseph; and eight 
grandsons in the war of the revolution. Two of the sons had previously 
served in the French and Indian wars." 

To Elisha and Sarah were born nine children: Emaline, Betsy, Edwin, 
Cecelia. Cordelia, Nathan, Sarah. Hannah J., Mary J. 

Emaline. b. July 30, 1811, died Sept. 23, 1885; married Sept. 23, 1835, 
Lorenso N. Pierce. 

Betsy, b. Nov. 7, 1813, died April 11, 1903; married Dec. 8, 1841, T. B. 

Rev. Edwin T., b. April 12, 1816, died Jan. 28, 1901; married Dec. 24, 
1847. Lauretta Turner. 

Cecelia, b. Dec. 20, 1818, died Jan. 27, 1887; married Sept. 6, 1838, A. C. 

Cordelia, b. Dec. 20. 1818; married Sept. 6 Silas Judson; one child, 

L. P. Judson. living: perhaps more. 

Nathan, b. March 20, 1821, died Jan. 11, 1887; married Dec. 20, 1844, 
Lura Chappell. 

Sarah, b. April 9, 1823: married Jan. 7, 1847. Albert Mead. 

Hannah J. Branch, eighth child of Elisha and S., born Dec. 23, 1824. at 
Worthington. Mass.; died March 29, 1898, in Madison, Ohio; married Nov. 

21, 1844, John Williams, b. May 14, 1809, in Vermont; died Sept. 11, 1893. at 
Mallet Creek. Ohio; children, six, Elisha W., Lauretta T., Sarah C, Flor- 
ence J., John F., Hattie C. 

Lauretta T. Williams, b. Feb. 23, 1847, at Lafayette. O.: married Feb. 

22, 1865, D. C. Thompson; children, five. b. at Mason. Mich.: Calista. b. Nov. 
17' 1867, married Milo Lvman; Josephine, b. Aug. 2, 1869, married Will Starr; 
Grace, b. July 13, 1871, died; Royal C, b. Dec. 6, 1877; Florence M., b. 
Sept. 5, 1882. 

Sarah Clark Williams, b. April 28, 1848; married Aug. 24, 1881, Robert 


L. Brewster of Oberlin," O.; children, two: John Wadsworth, b. Oct. 14, 
1882; Ethel May, h. Nov. 28, 1883, at Madison, O. 

Florence Williams, b. April 7, 1855; married Geo. W. Swartz; children, 
four: John W., b. at Mallet Creek, O.: Amy C, b. Jan. 4, 1883, majrried 
Dec. 31, 1902, A. J. Waltz, one child. Florence, b. Oct. 5, 1903. Winnie B., b. 
Oct. 1, 1887; Ada G., b. Sept. 30, 1889. 

John Fred Williams, b. Oct. 18, 1857; died in infancy. 

Hattie C, b. Aug. 27, 1859; married March 31, 1885, Chas. E. Clark at 
Oberlin, O., children, three: Stella E. Clark, b. July 3, 1886; Maud S., b. 
July 12, 1890; Rebah A., b. June 19, 1895. 

Mary Jane Branch, ninth child of Elisha and Sarah, b. March 22, 1827, 
at Worthington, Mass.; died Nov. 25, 1903. at Maquoketa, la.; married No- 
vember 21. 1844, Garret Spitzer of Medina, Ohio; b. Nov. 7, 1817. at Glen- 
ville, N. Y.; died Jan. 3, 1891, at Medina, O. Both buried in the family 
burying ground at Medina, O. Mr. Garret Spitzer was a noted financier, an 
excellent business man, of good judgment; he was for over twenty years 
advising director of the Ohio Farmers' Insurance Co. To this couple were 
born eight children: Alice A., Evelyn M., Amherst T., Aaron E., Adelbert 
L., Francelia J.. Luetta M., Bessie M. 

Alice Arabella, b. Sept. 4, 1845, in Medina, O., married Aug. 9, 1868, Capt. 
Aaron Milo Loomis, b. April 30, 1831, in Rodmon, N. Y. ; children, four: 
Mabel I, Milo M., Arthur T., Flora A. Mabel Ina Loomis, b. Sept. 10, 1871, 
in Wyoming, la., married in 1890, John Wilson Kirkpatrick, M. D. ; children, 
five: Clara Loomis, b. Sept. 29, 1892, died in infancy; Alice, b. Oct. 27, 1893; 
Loomis Arthur, b. April 23, 1897; Anna Maria, b. Oct. 20, 1898; Martha Mary, 
b. July 15. 1902. 

Milo Mason Loomis, b. Feb. 20, 1874, in Wyoming, la.; married Dec. 14, 
1898, Isabel Anson: no children. 

Arthur Timothy Loomis, b. Oct. 16, 1877; died 1879. 
Flora Aristene, b. Oct. 21, 1881; died in infancy. 

Evalyn Matilda Spitzer, b. April 8. 1874, in Medina, O., married June 7, 
1868. Capt. Wm. Cotter Lyon, b. July 7, 1841, in Wooster. O.; one child, 
Maud Evalyn. b. Sept. 7, 1870. in Gronville. Ohio; married April 2. 1891, 
William Albert Galloway, M. D. ; children three: Evalyn Hellen, b. Feb. 8, 
1893; Lyon William, b. March 29. 1895; Elizabeth Mary, b. May 21. 1902. 

Amherst Thompson Spitzer, b. Oct. 31, 1848, in Medina. O., married Oct. 
15, 1873, Ruth Aristene Calkins, b. Sept. 25, 1850, in Richland, Mich.; chil- 
dren, three: Elbert B., Cornealia. Evalyn. Elbert Beniamin. b. Aug. 29, 
1875, in North Amherst, O., married Aug. 2. 1900. Lillian Hemmester, b. Jan. 
27, 1874. in Medina, O.; one child, Elizabeth Kuhn, b. Sept. 19. 1891. Cor- 
nealia Spitzer, b. March 4, 1877. in North Amherst, Ohio; married May 20, 
1903, Ernest J. Newton, b. Feb. 22. 1877, in Hinkley. O. Evalyn Spitzer, b. 
May 9, 1880, in Medina, O., married March 12, 1902, Frank W. Woods of 
Chatham. O 

Aaron Elihue Spitzer, b. Aug. 14, 1850, in Medina, O.; married Nov. 14, 


1872, Flora A. Cochran, b. March 11, 1852; children, two: Clifton James, b. 
Sept. 20, 1879; Raymond Garrett, b. Jan. 26, 1883; died Jan. 14, 1886. 

Adelbert Lorenzo Spitzer, b. Aii^. 15, 1852. in Medina Co.. Ohio; was edu- 
cated in the local schools and Lodi, O., Academy. At the age of 20 he en- 
tered the Exchange bank of Seville, O., and became cashier. In 1873, in 
company with his brother, Amherst T., he established the banking house of 
Spitzer Bros, in North Amherst, O. In 1882 he sold his interest there and 
went to Toledo, O., and is associated with his cousin, Ceilan M. Spitzer, in 
the banking and investment business. Mr. Spitzer is a stockholder and di- 
rector in five other banks. He is a member of the Toledo, Country and Polo 
clubs of Toledo: is president of the latter. Is also a member of the Middle 
Bass club of Put-in-Bay and the Triton Fish anri On mo pinb of CsnpHq 
He is a well known horseman and an excellent whip. He has a large stable 
of horses and has won numerous blue ribbons at different horse shows. He 
married Oct. 20, 1875, Sarah Strong, b. Aug. 13. 1850, in Seville, O.; children, 
four: Carl Bovee, b. Feb. 7, 1877; Lyman Strong, b. Feb. 2, 1880; Luetta 
Ruth. b. March 14, 1882; Roland Adelbert, b. Sept. 21, 1885. 

Franceilia Josephine Spitzer, b. July 3, 1854, in Medina, O.; married Oct. 
n, 1883, David M. Loose, M. D., b. Feb. 6, 1855, in Myerstown, Pa.; no 

Luetta Miriam Spitzer, b. March 10, 1862, in Medina, O.; married Oct. 
2, 1884, Geo. L. Seeley, b. May 2, 1853. in Lancaster. Mich.; children, two 
(twins): Morton Cloud, Clifton Moore, b. July 10, 1885. 

Bessie May Spitzer, b. Jan. 1, 1869, in Medina, O.; married Dec. 30, 1891, 
Hudson D. Bishop, M. D., b. Oct. 7, 1866, in Smithville, O.; one child, Robert 
Spitzer Bishop, b. June 20, 1893. 

Elias Branch, eigth child of Nathaniel and Polly, born July 20, 17S9; 
children, two: Wolcott, Delia. Lucy Branch, ninth child of NathRi'iel and 
Polly, born Dec. 27, 1791; married Eastman; one child, Eunice Eastman. 

Samuel Branch, seventh child of Peter and Hannah, b. Sept. 2, 1701, 
in Preston, Conn; died and was buried there In 1756; married May 23, 1728, 
Ann, daughter of Asa Lamb, of Groton, Conn.; children, six: Samuel, Sol- 
omon, Cyprian, Ann. Isaac. Vine. 

Samuel, first child of Samuel and Ann, b. Aug. 6, 1729, in Preston, Conn., 
died there Feb. 15, 1773; married May 17. 1752. Hannah, daughter of Joseph 
Witter, born in Preston. Conn., Oct. 8, 1730; died Oct. 4, 1774, in Nev/ York 
state; children, eleven: Elizabeth, b. May 3. 1853, married March 15, 1784, 
Samuel Booth. Solomon, b. April 10, 1755, died Feb. 13, 1776, at sea. Wal- 
ter, b. Nov. 14, 1757, married Eunice Shaw; lived at Stephento^^n N. Y. 
Eunice, b. Nov. 15, 1758, died Aug. 18, 1764; William, b. Sept. 3, 17G0. mar- 
ried Lucretia, daughter of Asa Branch; Hannah Draper, b. June 8, 1762. mar- 
ried Nov. 24, 1791, William Witter; Sarah, b. May 21, 1764. died 1826; mar- 
ried June 12, 1786, at Norwich, Conn., Newcomb Kinnie. Eunice, b. April 

12, 1768; married Bacon. Samuel, b. March 7, 1768; mar.'-iei Ruth 

Chitzy. Joseph Witter, b. May 26, 1770, died in Ohio of cholera, 1832; mar- 


ried Ann Buel. Happy, b. June 14, 1772; lived in Norwich, Conn.; married 
Ralph Bolles. 

William Branch, fifth child of Samuel and Hannah, enlisted April 1, 
1777, when but 17 years of age. in Washington's army, under Capt. Jedediah 
Hyde, in Col. John Durkee's regiment. He was in the following battles: 
Gejrmantown. Pa., Oct. 4, 1777; Mud Fort, Nov., 1777; at Monmouth, N. J., 
June 28, 1778; and at other engagements and skirmishes. He pairlcipated 
in the siege of Yorktown, Va., and was present at the surrender of the 
British army under Lord Cornwallis, Oct. 19. 1781. He was with General 
Washington in the historic camp at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-78. 
He* was one of the guards detailed by Washington to take the bo Iv of Maj, 
Andre from the gallows. July 7, 1783. he was discharged from the army, 
At that time he was a member of Capt. Samuel Cliffs company. Col. 
Zebalous Butler's, Connecticut regiment, stationed at West Point. N Y. He 
was honored with a badge of merit received from the hands of Washington, 
which bore the following: "For six years' faithful service in the Army." 

William Branch, fifth child of Samu-^l and T'.annah, born Sept. 3, 17C0, 
i:i Preston, Conn.; died April 13, 1849, in North Madison, Ohio. Occupation, 
farmer; married Nov. 27, 1796, Lucretia, daughter of Asa Branch of New 
York State; born April 13, 1775, at Pittsfield. Mass.; died Dec. 5, 1857, at 
North Madison, Ohio. Children, five: William W., Olive, Samuel G., Eras- 
tus, Ambros. 

William Witter Branch, first child of Wm. and Lucretia, born Aug. 31, 
1804, in Aurelius, N. Y.; died May 25, 1887, at North Madison, Ohio; occu- 
pation, farmer, lawyer. Came from New York state to Kirtland in 1829; 
from Kirtland to North Madison, O., 1837. Married July 3, 1834. Lucy J. 
Bartram, daughter of Uriah of Madison. O., b. May 25, 1816, in Huntington, 
Conn.; died May 17, 1897, at North Madison, O.; buried there. 

Of the above William Branch, I quote the following from "The Western 
Reserve," a recent publication, by William S. Mills of Brooklyn, N. Y., (a 
volume which should be in every home on the Reserve): "W. W. Branch 
was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Lake county, Ohio, in 1845. 
In 1848 he began a work which entitles him to a place among the foremost 
ranks of public benefactors. At that time the lines of railway beween To- 
ledo and Buffalo lacked the connecting link, from Cleveland to Erie; the 
idea of making this connection was strenuously opposed by those who were 
interested in lake traffic. Judge Branch held meetings in school houses and 
ether available quarters along the proposed route and made eloquent ap- 
peals to the people. * * * The Judge fought for three years, and as the 
outcome of his labors, the charter for the Cleveland. Painesville and Ash- 
tabula railroad was secured." An example of Branch perseverance. Chil- 
dren of above William W. and Lucy, nine: William W.. John L., Cornelia, 
Ida A.. Martha L.. Oliver E., Mary Alma, Charles C, Happy E. 

William Wirt, first child of William W. and Lucy. b. Sept. 5. 1835. in 
Kirtland, Ohio; came to Madison 1837; went from Madison to Charleston, 


W. Va., in 1885; occupation, manufacturer; married Jan. 5, 1876, Annie 
Lewis, daughter of Ebenezer of Marcy, N. Y., b. Aug. 22. 1848; children, 
three: Wirt Lewis, b. Oct. 31. 1876. died July 8, 1878; Mary Lucy, b. June 
22, 1880; Wm. Lewis, b. Oct. 3, 1885. 

John L. Branch, second child of William W. and L.. b. Oct. 4, 1837, in 
Madison, O.; went from Madison to Painesville, O.; from Painesville to 
New York City. Occupation, lawyer. Married April 21, 1869, Mary L. 
Bolles. of New London, Conn.; children, two: John Bolles, b. Oct. 29, 1871 
died Sept. 29, 1888, in New York City; Anna Hempstead, b. March 18, 1875. 

Cornelia, third child of Wm. W. and Lucy, b. Sept. 19, 1839; died April 
20, 1891, unmarried. 

Ida A., fourth child of Wm. W. and Lucy, b. Aug. 27, 1842, in North 
Madison, Ohio; married Aug. 14, 1878, Wm. S. Mills, L. L. B., son of Wm. 
Mills of Reynoldsburg. Ohio, b. Nov. 14, 1850; went from Joliet. 111., to 
New York City in 1880. Present occupation, principal of School 75 of 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; children, two: Wm. Branch, b. Jan. 19. 1880; died Jan. 
22, 1880; Lucy Marjorie, b. Feb. 16, 1883; died July 30, 1887. 

Martha Lucretia, fifth child of Wm. W. and Lucy, born March 19, 1845, 
in Madison, O.; married June 8, 1871, Edward Elisha Lyman of Sunderland, 
Mass.; went from Sunderland to Greenlief, Mass., children, four: Edward 
Branch Lyman, b. June 7, 1872; Ethel, b. Aug. 27, 1875; Henry Wm., b. 
April 1, 1877; Hellen, b. Feb. 6, 1881. 

Oliver E. Branch, sixth child of Wm. W. and L., born July 14, 1847, in 
Madison. Ohio; occupation, lawyer; married Oct. 17. 1878, Sarah Maria 
Chase, daughter of Winslow of North Weare, N. H.; children, four: Oliver 
Winslow. b. Oct. 4. 1879; Dorothy Witter, b. Dec. 6, 1881; Frederick Wil- 
liam, b. Sept. 18, 1886; Rudolph Wellington, b. Nov. 26, 1890. 

Mary Alma, seventh child of Wm. W. and Lucy, K Oct. 2, 1850', in North Mad- 
ison, O.. unmarried; went to Parkersburg, W. Va., 1886; from Parkersburg 
to Charleston, W. Va.. 1890. Married Dec. 23, 1889. Luella Layman of Par- 
kersburg, W. Va., children, two: Regina L., b. Jan. 5, 1891; Lucy Amelia, 
b. Oct. 5, 1896. 

Chas. C. Branch, eighth child of Wm. W. and Lucy, b. July 25, 1852, in 
North Madison, Ohio. 

Happy Ella Branch, ninth child of Wm. W. and Lucy, b. June 17, 1854, 
in North Madison, O., unmarried. 

Olive Branch, second child of Wm. and Lucretia, b. Nov. 21, 1806; died 
April 15, 1875, at Madison, Ohio, unmarried. 

Samuel Gore Branch, third child of Wm. and Lucretia, born June 23, 
1809. in New York state; died Nov. 19, 1863. in Marshalltown. la.; buried 
at North Madison, Onio; occupation, carpenter; married Nov. 26. 1840, Ar- 
villa Crocker, daughter of Roswell of Madison, b. Dec. 1, 1820; died Aug. 1, 
1901. in Cleveland, O.; buried at Madison, O., children, five: Edward P., 
Albert, George R., Fannie, Wm. S. Edward Payson, b. Feb. 22, 1844, mar- 


ried Sept., 1875, Abbie ClarK. Albert C Branch died, aged 14 years. George 
Roswell. b. Aug. 24, 1848; died March 29, 1849. 

Fannie Mary, b. July 6, 1851, in Madison, O., married Nov 20, 187J, 
Chas. M. Parsons; children, four: Edward Charles, b. April 6, 1874; mar- 
ried Dec. 14, 1899, Minnie Morck; one child, Lucile Minnie, b. March 17, 
1901; Albert M. Parsons, b. Oct. 14, 1877; Jessie May, b. July 28, 18^9; Har- 
old Branch Parsons, b. Jan. 24, 1882. 

William Samuel Branch, fifth child of Samuel G., b. Jan. 15. 1854, m 
Madison, Lake countv, Ohio; married Nov. 16, 1881, Jessie F. Johnson of 
Rochester, Minn., b. Aug. 30, 1859, at Lost Creek, Va.; children, three: 
William Samuel, b. March 18, 1884; Payson L. P., b. Dec. 17, 1886; Berta 
Louisa, b. Jan. 27, 1893. ^ ^ ^ 

Erastus Witter Branch, fourth child of William and Lucretia, born Sept. 
5, 1811; died Oct. 1/, 1873, at Madison, O., unmarried. 

Ambrose Branch, fifth child of William and Lucretia, born Feb. 19, 1815, 
died Nov. 30, 1876, at Madison, u.; married Jan. 1, 1839. Chloe Curtiss. 

Solomon Branch, second child of Samuel and Ann, b. Oct. 13, 1730; died 
Nov. 9, 1745. Cyprian, third child of Samuel and Ann, b. June 5, 1732, died 
May 13, 1748. Ann, fourth child of Samuel and Ann, b. Feb. 17, 1731; mar- 
ried Mav 15, 1745, Joshua Gates of Preston. Conn. Isaac, fifth child of Sam- 
uel and^Ann, b. Aug. 2i, 1737, lived in Pittsfield, Mass.; married March 5, 
1760, Suzana Weakley. Vine, sixth child of Samuel and Ann, b. Jan. 31. 1743, 
lived in Richmond, Mass.; married Dorothy Partridge. The following is from 
Berkshire county land records: "Vine Branch bought 50 acres of land in 
Lenox, Mass., May 6, 1769." Several years later he "bought 70 acres ad- 
joining." He also "bought 12 acres in Richmond. Mass., Nov. 13, 1786. This 
land is now owned by his grandson. Wm. H. Branch. Vine Branch made a 
will, in Richmond, Mass., March 17, 1819; also another in Great Barrington, 
Mass., Sept. 13, 1825. In this will he mentions a grand-daughter, Lucy Ulty; 
also a grandson, Henry Branch Stevens. Children of Vine and Dorothy, 
seven: Cyprian, Levi, Eunice, Lucy, Welthy, Roswell, Rufus. 

Cyprian, first child of Vine and Dorothy, married Phebe Raymond; lived 
in Pittsfield, Mass.; children, three: Harry, Orson, Pairmy. Parmy mar- 
riea William Stevens; lived in Pittsfield. 

Levi, second child of Vine and Dorothy, married Electa Lyman; children, 
twelve: Elmira married Isaac Brown; Eunice married Renslor Waldo; Sal- 
ly married Lewis Smith; Levi Branch; Lucy, married Edward Chapman; 
Mandy, married Ansel Hammond. Harriet, married Seth Porter; Harry 
Branch; Fanny, married Josephine Dennison; Henry Branch; Mary Branch, 
Levis; family lived in Central New York. 

Eunice Branch, third child of Vine and Dorothy; married Israel Lead- 

Lucy, fourth child of Vine and Dorothy, married Ulty; one child, 

Lucy, married Norm Hatch. 

Welthy Branch, fifth child of Vine and Dorothy, married Calvin Kendall. 


Roswell, sixth child of Vine and Dorothy, married Theodocie Wright; 
lived in Pitisfield. Mass.; children, 7: Grove W., Vine P., Mary, Orson A., Ru- 
fiis W., Salome, Albert. 

Grove W., born in Pittsfield. Mass., 1803, died in Dalton. Mass., 1891; 
married Parmealia Spragiie. children, five: Caroline A., married Dr. Henry 
Farre; Permealia married 'Samuel Hubbard; Hayden Branch died in Florida, 

1902; Lucy married Ensign Smith: Ellen married Chamberlin; George 

Branch lives in Pittsfield, Mass.; Robert Mason Branch married Martha J. 
Ross: children, two: Caroline, b. 1873, married Edward P. Wassonneau; one 
child: Caroline. Grove Ross, b. 1880, unmarried. 

Vine P.. second child of Roswell, died, unmarried. 

Mary, third child of Roswell, married Alonzo Goodyear; children, three: 
Sarah, Seymour, Mary. Sarah married Jones Smith, children, two: Lucy 
Charles. Seymour married Jennie Perchere, children, two: Wm. G. Perchere, 
dec'd; Mary S. Perchere married Hoover. 

Mary Branch Goodyear married Thomas Leah, children, two. 

Orson A. Branch, fourth child of Roswell, married Mary Ann Harmon, 
one child, deceased. 

Saloma Branch, fifth child of Roswell, married Artemas Cutter of Flor- 
ence. Mass.; children, two: Henry, George. 

Rufus W. Branch, sixth child of Roswell, b. Sept. 10, 1812, in Pittsfield, 
Mass., died Jan. 21, 1863, in Washington, Mich. Married Oct. 8, 1840. Phebe 
D. Cornell, b. Aug. 13, 1819, died Jan. 3, 1888; children, four: Abagaii. Theo- 
docia W., Mary U., Winifield S.. Abagaii Thurston, b. Sept. 30, 1841, died 
Nov. 30, 1890; married Nov. .14, 1867, Royal Walker. Children, two: Elvin, 
Rufus e.; both deceased. Theodocia Wright Branch, b. Oct. 25, 1844, unmar- 
ried. Mary Underbill Branch, b. Oct. 20, 1848, died Jan. II, 1883; married 
Floyd Van Risser; one child, Cora, born April 11. 1873. Winifield Scott 
Branch, b. June 9, 1855; went west in 1872; whereabouts unknown. 

Rufus Branch , seventh child of Vine and Dorothy, b. 1787, died 1864, in 
Pittsfield. Mass.; married Jerusha Hoichkiss of Richmond, Mass.; one 
child, William Hubbard Branch, who owns the farm bought by his grand- 
father 136 years ago. He has the musket carried by Vine Branch in the war 
of '76. 

Josenh Branch, ninth child of Peter and Hannah, b. Sept. 20, 1707. on 
Branch Hill. Preston, Conn., married Jan. 27, 1731. Zerviah Tracy, daughter 
of David and Sarah, b. Sept. 12, 1714. at Preston, Conn. Children of Joseph 
and Zerviah, six: Joseph, bap. Oct. 26, 1735; Asa. bap. Feb. 22, 1736; Zer- 
viah, bap. May 21, 1738; Rufus, bap. March 16, 1740; Elizabeth, bap. Aug. 12, 
1744: Amasa, bap. Dec. 1, 1745. 

Rufus Branch, fourth child of Joseph and Zerviah, b. Feb. 5, 1739, on 
Branch Hill, Preston, Conn., dieu 1821, in Castleton, Vt.; burled there. Mar- 
ried, 1760, Abagaii Mason, b. 1742, in Preston, Conn.; died in Castleton, v t., 
Iboo; buried there. 

As it is the descendants of this couple that I am mostly acquainted with, I 


will note a few items of their history. Perhaps we can better understand 
some of the facts connected with the lives of the toilowing generations: 

Rufiis Branch was a minute man during the war of '76, and as such fought 
at the battle of Hubbardton and White Hall. When the signal sounded an- 
nouncing the approach of the British on Bennington, he dropped his sickle in 
tlie wheatfield, mounted nis horse and rode away. Joining Stark's forces he 
fought through the battle and with the rest of the victors followed Baum's re- 
treating "Redcoats" to Stillwater. While in the vicinity of Stillwater he fell 
in the hands of the British. He was taken many days' march in the wil- 
derness to a prison camp from which, after long weeks, he made his escape 
with the assistance of a British officer who furnished him with a musket, a 
few rounds of ammunition, a chunk of salt pork and last, but not least, a com- 
pass to guide him through the forest. This compass was for many yeir^ in 
the possession of the writer, but mysteriously disappeared fome years ago. 
It is useless to remark a very liberal reward would be given for its return. It 
was ef brass, very heavy, about % of an inch thick, three Inches acoss, hod 
a screw cover. It contained a sun dial, so in addition to telli.ig the direction 
it told the time, in sunshine; on the cover was rudely scravrled vhe letters 
R. B. After making his escape from the British camp. Great Grandfather Ru- 
fus returned to his home near Bennington, where his wif^ with six children 
awaited him. During his absence she had, with the help of her daughter, fin- 
ished harvesting the wheat, butchered their hogs, gather'ed much wood and oth- 
erwise made preparations to care for her family, in case her husband did not 

Great-Grandmother Branch was a small woman, but a very resolute one. 
Many are the stories told of her bravery and wit. At the time of the battle 
of Bennington, several women gathered at the Branch home, it being near 
the mountains, so in case the British were victorious they could flee among 
the hills, thinking the "Red Coats" would not follow them there. The 
women had brought their "valuables," such as they could carry, the col- 
lection consisted of several strings of gold beads, fancy snuff boxes, books 
and a side saddle. Fear and consternation reigned. However, Great-grand 
mother sat carding flax; at last, at the earnest entreaty of the women, she 
tied her infant son Seth up in her "linsey" apron so as to be ready for 
flight if necessary. Still she pulled the cards, declaring she would not stir 
imtil she could see "what color the British eyes were." Years after, her 
husband persisted in keeping a large dog, she very much disliked. One day 
he poked his nose too near a shortcake she was baking on the hearth. 
Grandmother seized the brute and choked him until his tongue protruded 
and his mouth was covered with froth. She then let him out of doors, and 
rushing to the shop door, a few steps distant, she shouted "Rufus! Rufus! 
the dog is mad !" He, seeing the dog running about the yard with his mouth 
all froth seized his gun and shot the dog, saying "Too bad, too bad. such a 
good hunter." In telling the story to her grandchildren, Great Grandmother 


said "I told no He, the dog was undoubtedly real mad, any dog would be to 
be choked as I choked that one." - ^ & 

r,-„c'^AK^"^-f ^J^^ Abagail were born 10 children: Margaret, Zerviah, Da- 
rius, Abagail, Mason, Rufus, Seth. Wait. Ruth Ruba 

Margaret Branch, first child of Rufus. b. June 24, 17G2, in Lenox Mass • 
^f/if '^'^''' ^^^^ ''''''' ^° Cleveland, O., probably before the' war of 

They came from Vermont to Buffalo, where they procured a small scow 
boat to get to Cleveland with. They poled it along the shore ?ays and 
camped on the shore nights. They had several children at the time About 
the year 1816 she, with her oldest son, started back to Vermont on a vis t 
on horse-back. On the way, the son was drowned. About six weeks was the 
time required to make the journey. After she returned to Cleveland a 

aaughter married Dockstader, another married Carther I have 

not been able to get any further trace of the family 


Zerviah Branch, second child of Rufus, b. Feb. 7, 1765, at Lenox, Mass.; 
died in Fletcher, Vt, 1843; married, 1786, Lemuel Scott, b. 1765, in Benning- 
ton, Vt.; died in Fletcher, Vt., April 21, 1821; children, nine: Jonathan, 
Lemuel, Seth, Levi and Abagail (twins), Anna, Emily, Jefferson, Wait. 

Jonathan Scott, first child of Z. and L., b. 1788, in Bennington, Vt., 
died 1838 in Fletcher, Vt.; married Almira Ward, children nine: Madison, 
Harrison, Elvira, Maria, Alma, Chauncy, Chandler, B. Franivlin, Zerviah. 
Madison Scott married Hannah Beach; children, two: (twins) Don Eugen, 
Hannah Rogene, supposed to live in Cal. Harrison Scott, married in Ohio; 
one son, Clarence, lives in Cal. Elvira Scott, married Rufus Montague; died 
in Fletcher, Vt., 1888. Maria Scott, married Aaron Drew of Fairfax, Vt., 
children five: Daniel, Truman, Reuben, John, Alma; Daniel Drew married 
Sarah Farnsworth of Fairfax, Vt.; last heard of in Cal.; Truman Drew mar- 
ried Sophrona Sanderson, both dec'd; Reuben Drew died unmarried; John 
Drew died in Randolph, Vt. ; Alma Drew lived and died in Amherst, Mass., 

Nelson Drew, a Congregational minister, married; lived in Amhurst, 
Mass.; died 1893; one child. 

Alma Scott, fifth child of Johnathan, died in 1896, in Fletcher, Vt. 

Chauncy, sixth child of Johnathan, married Prudence Chase; lived and 
died in Fletcher, Vt.; no children. 

Chandelar married in Iowa; nothing learned of his family. 

Benjamin Franklin, eighth child of Jonathan, married In Louisana in 
1854; still resides there. 

Zerviah, ninth child of Johnathan, married Emmerson Lovegrew; one 
son living in Texas. 

Lemuel Scott, second child of Zerviah and Lemuel, b. in Fletcher, Vt., 
1790, the first white male child born in the town; married EliZtV';eth Mon- 
tague of Fletcher, Vt., children, nine: Darius, Marcus D., Seth, Abagail, 
Lemuel, Anna, Rufus, Emily; another daughter, name not learned. Jjarius 
Scott married Anna Larabee, children three: A daughter, name not learned, 
William, Marcus, both married. Seth Scott, second child of L. and E., mar- 
ried Lucy Ferrier, live in New York City; children, ten: unable to locate 
them. Marcus D., third child of L. and E., married; resides in Canada. Aba- 
gail, fourth child of L. and E., married Henry Bromhamm, member oT the 
Oneida Society of Perfectionists; no children. Lemuel Scott, fifth child of 
L. and E., married Mary Danforth; one son, Clarence. Anna Scott, sixth 
child of L. and E., married E. Pay son Tyler, a Congregational minister; 
both died; unable to locate their children, a daughter living in Dakota. 
Rufus, seventh child of L. and E., married Jane Powell; one son, Geo. V. 
Scott, now living in Mass. Emily, eighth child of L. and E., married David 
Carlton of Watertown, N. Y.; children three: Henry, Lute, Frank. 

Seth Scott, third child of Zerviah and Lemuel, b. in Fletcher, Vt., Feb. 
2. 1792; died Aug. 4, 1868; married Oct. 16, 1825, Charlotte Rice; died July 
8, 1869; children, five: George M., C. C, C. H., W^m. N., Wait. George M., 


born m Fletcher, 1S26, married Liicretia Bell; died June 26, 1870. Second 
y»-ife, Susan Shandley. dec'd; one child, Loretta B.. married W. N. Parsons- 
children, two. Winona Mae, b. 1897; Evalyn Inez, b. 1901. C. C. Scott mar- 
ried Nellie Boyd: no children. C. H. Scott married Bertha Bushbv, no chil- 
dren. William Scott, born in Fletcher, Vt., July 24, 1835, married Nettie 
Proctor, 185(3. died 1863. Married second wife, 1866, Sophia Roby, died 1897; 
married third wife, Jennie Holbrook, 1900: children, four: Two bv first wife 
two by second wife. Wait Scott, fifth child of Seth, b. Sept. 29, 1836, in 
Fletcher, Vt., died there Aug. 2. 1901: married Joan Smith, chilciren four: 
Winona M.. Don J.. Lottie W., Frank N.; daughter dead; sons live in Conn., 
unable to locate them. 

Levi and Abagail, twin children of Zerviah and Lemuel: Levi Scott, b. 
1795, ill Fletcher; married Eunice Nichols, children five: Henry W., Olive, 
Lynn, Martin, Avaline. Henry W^ married Maria Spaulding, no children! 

Olive married Winfield Scott, no children. Lynn married Revnolds, 

no children. Aveline married S. E. Montague, (dec'd); married second hus- 
band, Oates Sherman, children two: Clarence Montague, Cora Sherman. 
Abagail, twin of Levi, b. 1795, in Fletcher, Vt., married Icabod Chase, chil- 
dren two: Abagail and Wait. Abagail married P. O. Wetherbv, children 
four: Belinda (dec'd). Byron P., E. J., Luna. Byron Wetherby married 
Edna Fox, children six: Alister, Herman, Fluella, Willie, Lena, Natalia. 
E. J. Wetherby married Jennie Cox; children two, (twins): Lena and Lulu. 
Lena married Charles Johnson. 

Anna Scott, sixth child of Zerviah and Lemuel, b. 1797, in Fletcher, Vt.; 
married Cornealia Higgins: one child, Lucy Higgins, married E. W. Law, 
children four: Florence, Solace (died), Olive, Phebe. Olive married Levi 
Stickney. one child, Cyrus Stickney of Massachusetts. Phebe Higgins mar- 
ried R. W. Bailey, dec'd. She resides in Fletcher. 

Emily Scott, seventh child of Z. and Lemuel, b. 1800, in Fletcher; mar- 
ried Guy Kingsley; settled in North Brookfield, Vt, no children. 

Jefferson Scott, eighth child of Z. and Lemuel, b. 1803; married Mary 
Kingsley. settled in N. Brookfield, no children. 

Wait Scott, ninth child of Z. and Lemuel, b. 1805, in Fletcher. Vt.; mar- 
ried a woman from Kentucky, children four: Newton, John, Edward' Mar- 
tin; unable to locate them. 

Darius Branch, third child of Rufus, b. June 4, 1767, in Lenox Mass 
died May 9, 1851, in Castleton, Vt. Married. 1798. Triphena Goodwin born 
March 20, 1772; died April 3. 1876, at Castleton, Vt: children, ten: Elijah 
Zerviah, Clarissa, Almeron, Olive, Ruby, Darius G., Fannie, Philena, NorriS 
M., Lucy. 

Elijah Branch, first child of Darius, b. Nov. 14, 1790, in Castleton Vt • 
died May 14. 1869, in Mentor. O.; married July 15. 1815, Sophia Frisbie, b. 
Nov. 14, 1795; died Nov. 7. 1888; children nine: Fayette, Henrv, Clarissa 
Darius G.. Salome O., Marcia S., Elsa M., Abby F., Bruce W. 


Fayette, b. June 28. 1816; died Aug. 26, 1884; married Jan. 27, 1836, 
George B. Jester; no cliildren. 

Henry, b. July 9, 1819; died March 18, 1848; married April 14, 1844, 
Eliza A. Beeman; no children. 

Clarissa, b. Nov. 8, 1820; died March 27, 1850; married Jan. 11, 1846, 
George Force; one child, Frank Force, supposed to have died of small- 
pox in the west. 

Darius G., b. Oct. 23, 1822; died Sept. 10, 1897; married May 3, 1850, 
Sally J. Moore; children two: Henry and E. D. Henry Branch died Feb. 
4, 1903, in Chardon, O.; married Olive Smith; no children. E. D. Branch 
married Nov. 19, 1891, Mary Woods. 

Salome O., fifth child of Elijah, b. Aug. 7, 1825; died Dec. 9, 1899. Mar- 
ried May 18, 1850, Otis Haskell; no children. 

Marcia A., sixth child of Elijah, b. April 12, 1828; died Dec. 5, 1892; 
married July 4, 1876, C. W. Munsell; no children. 

Elsa M., seventh child of Elijah, b. Aug. 16, 1830, died Nov. 15, 1890. 
Married Jan. 31, 1850, D. W. Newell; children two: Nettie Newell married 
Summers, children three: Berta, Eddie, Ethel. Frank E, Newell mar- 
ried Nettie Mack; no children. 

Abby F., eighth child of Elijah, b. Oct. 30, 1833; died Dec. 3, 1875: mar 
ried, March 27, 1857, C. W. Munsell; children, three; George J., Lillie and 
Willie. George J. married Kate Mack, died 1890; one child, Marcia; Lillie 
married Thomas Whitman; Willie married Maggie Henderson; died 1898. 

Bruce W., ninth child of Elijah, b. July 11, 1835; married July 11, 1867, 
Emma L. Forbes, dec'd; married second time. Minerva Hattersly; children 
three: Earl B., Claud M., Oliver W. Earl B., b. April 14, 1868; married 
July 17, 1890, Margia Finch; one son, Harrison B., b. Feb. 9, 1891. Claud 
M., b. Oct. 6, 1869; Oliver W., b. Sept.. 1876; married Oct. 18, 1899, Blanche 
Follett; one daughter, Marcia. b. March 11, 1902. 

Zerviah Branch, second child of Darius, born Aug. 15, 1792; died Oct. 
23 1795. 

Clarissa, third child of Darius, b. Aug. 28, 1795. died Oct. 4. 1796. 

Almeron, fourth child of Darius, b. Sept. 8. 1797, in Castleton, Vt. ; died 
there May 8, 1875; married Alma Northrup. resided in Castleton, Vt. ; chil- 
dren three: Albert, died aged 22 years; Willie, died aged 10 years; Caro- 
line died 1884; married Prof. R. M. Wright, died 1904; one child. Alma G. 
Wright, unmarried. 

Olive Branch, fifth child of Darius: b. Nov. 22. 1799, in Orwell, Vt.; 
died May 12, 1892; married Rev. Lirie Maynard; children five: Rosamond 
F.. Mathew H., Frances A., Darius G. Rosamond and Frances died m 

Mathew H. Maynard, b. April 10. 1832; married Oct. 17, 1856, Mary Eu- 
docia Foote of Cleveland. O.; children three: Alfred F.. Cornealia L.. Gara- 
ner. Alfred Foote, b. Aug. 17, 1857; married June. 1882. Hellen Pickands 
Goodwin of Marquette, Mich.; children one, James P. Maynard, b. Nov. 20, 


1SS7. Cornealia Louisa, b. July 31. 1860; married Sept. 4. 1887, Wm. David 
Rees; children three: Dorothy, b. Dec. 15, 1888; Henry Maynard Rees, b. 
Nov. 17. 1890; Ma^an Rees, b. Feb. 20, 1892. 

Frances Amelia Maynard, b. Dec. 31, 1836, in Castleton, Vt.; married 
Aug. 8. 1860, Rev. George F. Hunting; children six: William P., George A. 
Bernice, Mary O., Henry G., Merrill M., AVm. Pitt and Geo. Albert Hunting 
died in infancy; Bernice, b. May 15, 1865; Mary Olive, b. Aug. 21, 1867; 
Henry Gardner, b. Sept. 2. 1870; married April 20, 1900, Edyth Jenny, of 
Ann Arbor, Mich.; Merrill Maynard, b. July 1, 1875; married Dec. 23, 1903, 
Kate Hamilton of Saginaw, Mich. 

Darius -Gardner Maynard, fifth child of Olive, b. July, 1839, drowned at 
Marquette, Mich., July 17, 1867. He served three years as a soldier in the 
Civil War, as Lieutenant, Adjutant, and finally as Captain in the First Mich- 
igan Cavalry; was wounded and discharged. Married, 1864, Cornelia Eliza- 
beth Foote of Cleveland, O.; one child, Nellie G., b. March 16, 1866, mar- 
ried 1890, Eugene Van Horn of Charlottenburg. Germanv; children, three: 
Helmuth, b. 1891, died 1895. Vera, b. 1893. Card, b. 1895. 

Ruby Branch, sixth child of Darius, b. Nov. 26, 1801, died Dec. 3, 1826, 
at Castleton, Vt. 

Dr. Darius G. Branch, seventh child of Darius, b. March 14, 1805, in 
Castleton, Vt.; died Dec. 23, 1880, in Cleveland, O.. married; children, two: 
Clara Branca, b. in Cleveland, O., died Nov. 3, 1903, in Painesville, O., un- 
married. Willie Branch, b. in Cleveland; O. 

Fanny, eighth child of Darius, see Dr. Isaac Branch, son of L. and A. 

Philena, ninth child of Darius, b. Jan. 9, 1809; died Dec. 3, 1879; mar- 
ried May 31, 1846, Elijah White of Ogdenburg, N. Y.; lived and died there; 
no children. 

Norris M. Branch, tenth child of Darius, b. Oct. 12, 1811, ir, Castleton, 

Vt. ; died April 27. 1881; married Smith. Two sons. Burton A. Branch, 

William S. Branch; both reside in Chicago, 111. 

Lucy Branch, 11th child of Darius, born March 7, 1816, in Castleton. 
Vt.; died there March 26, 1886; married July 18, 1843, Aaron Griswold; 
children two, Charles H. and Rosamond. Charles H., b. Sept. 21. 1844. in 
Castleton. Vt.; married Feb. 18, 1882. Eliza Otis; no children. Rosamond, 
b. Feb. 12, 1847; died Dec. 27, 1895; married Oct. 19, 1876, Walter Barnard. 
One child, Lillian, b. May 28, 1879; married June 29, 1898. Seward E. West- 
fall; one child, Ruth, b. May 7. 1901. 

Abagail Branch, fourth child of Rufus and Abagail, b. Dec. 4. 1769, in 
Lenox. Mass.; died Aug. 11, 1810, in Benson, Vt.; married 1790, Luther 
Branch (a very distant relative unable to trace his ancestors) b. at Preston, 
Conn.. Oct. 15, 1765. Luther Branch's second wife, Mary Burbank, b. Jun^ 
16, 1767. in Hartford. Conn.; died Nov. 26, 1829, in Lenox, N. Y. Children 
four: Mason. Samuel, Isaac, Abagail. 

Mason, b. Oct. 16. 1791, in Benson, Vt.; died March 8. 1864. at Stock- 
bridge, Mich.; married Nov. 20, 1813, Maryette Burbank, b. 1795, in Gran- 


vine, Mass.; died Feb., 1874, at Jaclvson, Mich. Cliildren ^^-e'- M;^ ^ ^.a- 
favette Jerome C Henry M., Edward H., Isaac. Marquis De i^atayeiie. d. 
Maf 15, isir^n Burlington, Vt.; died Jan. 8 1904, at Owasso Mich mar- 
ried Oct 20. 1839. Rebecca Jane Young of Salme, Micli. Childien two. 
Mariette, married Robert McKensie; second daughter married A. ^^ John- 
son, children two: Edward M., married Kate Dryer ot Lansing Mich.^ B 
t Johnson, unmarried. Jerome C. Branch, second child of Mason, b. March 
28 182-^ in Vernon. N. Y.; married Lovina Wood. No children Heniy 
M.', thii^d child of Mason, b. June 23, 1825, in Lenox, NY.; died March 4, 
1891, at Owasso, Mich.; married Elizabeth Gilbert, children two^ Mason 
M., married Ida Halleck, children five: Mariette, married Charles Magee 
of Jackson, Mich. Edward H., fourth child of Mason, b Oct ^0, 18^^; J.^ 
Ben^^on Vt • married Evalvn Chase; one child. Edward Chase Ed^^ard 
Chase Branch married Alice Thornhill; one child. Chase Thornhill Branch, 
b. May, 1902. Isaac N. Branch, fifth child of Mason, b. July 14, 18o8 mar- 
ried Aug. 8, 1858, Helen E. Fisher; no children. They acloPted a boy and 
gave him their name; that he is an honor to it is sliown ^y ^^}Xf''L!,T^; 
he is a member of the legislature from Jackson, Mich He ma redJanme 
Dibble; children four: Josephine, b. 1892; Mildred, b. 1894; Marion, b. 1894, 
Harriet, b. 1897. 

Samuel Branch, second child of Luthur and Abagail, b. April 30, 1^9 ^ 
in Benson, Vt; was killed by Jessie Adams in a riot m Abbeville, S. C., 
July 19. 1840; married Jan. 11, 1821. Elizabeth Wilson of Abbeville S C ; 
children nine: Mary A, Sarah A.. John L.. Isaac B., Daniel W., Robert M.. 
James L. P., Frances C, William A. 

Mary Ann Branch, first child of S. and E.. b. Oct. 27, 1821; married Eli 
Hollidav; both dec'd. Children eight: Augusta Holliday married Robert L 
Rhodes; children two: Lulu. Fanny. Sullie E. Holliday married Lois R. 

White- no children. Wm. Holliday married Julia of Urbana, O.; one 

son William Elizabeth Holliday never married. Alice Holliday married 
Horace Rhodes. Charles Holliday never married. Lucy Holliday never mar- 
ried. Benjamin C. Holliday never married; dec'd. 

Sarah Abagail Branch, second child of Samuel and Elizabeth, b. Feb. 
25 1824 in Abbeville, S. C, married Francis L. Menkey; children six: 
Henry Alton Menkev married Mary Swann; children two: Frank, William, 
Ella Louisa Menkey never married. Elizabeth Hurdamen Menkey never 
married Kate Queen Menkey married Goodman S. Johnson: children two: 
Lawrence Branch Johnson, married Frances Butte; James Frederick John- 
son Francis Barstow Menkey married Julia Le Gett; two children: Law- 
rence and Francis B. Isadore G. Menkey married Hellen S. Norris; children 
four: Kate, Marvin Branch, Lawrence, Norris. 

John Luthen Branch, third child of Samuel, b. Aug. 27. 1825; married 
Margaret Inglesby; died 1868; children three: Married second wife. Nattia 
Guchel; children two: John L., Jr., Samuel R., Benj'n F., Lavina, Edwin.. 


Isaac Branch, fourth child of Samuel, b. Dec. 16, 1828; married Lou C. 
Cocqueroff; both dead; no children. 

Daniel Webster Branch, fifth child of Samuel, b. June 3. 1831; married 
Annie Cocqueroii; children five: Clarence, Marv E., Ida C. (married George 
Branch Londley). Wm. W., Geo. C. 

Robert Mason Branch, sixth child of Samuel, b. Jan. 18, 1833; died 
many years ago in Kentucky. 

James Lewis Pettigrew Branch, seventh child of Samuel, b Sept 26, 
1834; died in childhood. 

Frances C. Branch, eighth child of Samuel, b. Nov. 24, 1836; married 
John Queen; children two: John, William; reside in Urbana, O. 

William A. Branch, ninth child of Samuel, b. Oct. 9, 1838; married Anna 
Fitz; children eight: Frank, Rose, Mary. Kate, William, Clifford, Tully, Navy, 

Isaac Branch, M. D., third child of Luthur, b. Dec. 18, 1800, in Benson, 
Vt.; died in Atlanta, Ga.; married Nov. 8, 1829, Fanny Branch, daughter of 
Darius and Triphena. b. Nov. 24, 1806, in Castleton, Vt.; died Nov. 28, 1871; 
children ten, only three grew to man and womanhood: Mary F., Louisa 
H., W. T. Mary Frances, b. July 15, 1833, in Abbiville. S. C. died there 
April 19, 1872; married Jan. 27, 1853, David Londley, children seven (three 
died in infancy) : George B.. Harriet R., Virginia A., William. George B. 
Londley, b. Dec. 17, 1854; married Feb., 1889, Ida Branch, grand-daughter 
of Samuel H., son of Luthur; no children. Harriet Rebecca Londley, b. 
July 16, 1857; married Nov. 3, 1876, J. C. Hadden; children six: Lulu B., 
Clifford S., Irwin J.. Virginia Mae. Salla, Mary G.; all born in Due West, 
S. C. Virginia Aetna Londley, b. Jan. 27. 1863; a trained nurse. William 
Tully Londley, b. Feb. 16, 1866; ^married Mary Skinner of Huntsville, Ala.; 
one child. Hazel. 

Louisa H. Branch, child of Dr. Isaac, b. June 29, 1842, died 1871; married 
1871. Haddon. 

William Tully Branch, child of Dr. Issac, b. April 23, 1845, in Abbiville, 
S. C, died Nov. 6, 1903. Married June 7, 1870, Anna Wilson; died June 7, 
1890. No children. 

Abagail Branch, fourth child of Luthur. b. March 28, 1807. in Benson, 
Vt.; died 1873, at New Haven, Mich.; married May 30, 1827, George Wallace;' 
children eleven: George A., Samuel, Mary, Alonzo and j^orenzo (twins)', 
Frances, Daniel, Nancy, Sarah A. John M., Lydia. George Alva Wallace,' 
first child of Abagail, b. July 29, 1828. in Lenox, N. Y.; married Jan. 23, 
1850, Nancy Ann Rose of Lyndon, Mich.; died May 16, 1875, at St. John's 
Mich. George A. married second wife Oct. 3, 1876, Cynthia G. Dorman; 
children six: Sarah A.. Nancy Jane, Marion R.. Samuel Bion, Cora A. Eva 
Mary. Sarah Abagail. b. March 26, 1851; died Sept. 14, 1851. Nancy Jane 
Vrallace, b. Feb. 28, 1853; married June 1. 1870, John G. Booth; children 
three: Cynthia, b. April, 1876; Maud Leona, b. 1879; Wallace Branch, b. 
April 10, 1882; married March 15, 1903. Gertrude Herron, b. Feb. 22, 1904. 
Marian Rose Vv^allace, third child of George and Nancy, b. July 19, 1855; 


died July 31, 1898, at Seattle, Wash.; married July 4, 1876, Forrest J. Ray- 
mond; no children. Samuel Bion Wallace, fourth child of George and N., 
b. Dec. 12, 1857, unmarried. Cora Adealia, fifth child of George and N., b. 
August 15, 1862; married June 30. 1891, Winsor Earl; cnildren two: Stanley 
Bion. b. Feb. 3. 1895, in Saxon, Wis.; Eva Rose, b. Oct. 30, 1896. Eva Mary, 
sixth child of George and N., b. April 27, 1866; married June 22, 1887, Geo, 
F. Howe; children two: Hazel Marion, b. Oct. 4, 1889, in Hurley, Wis.; 
Chauncy, b. July 26, 1892, in Saxon, Wis. 

Samuel Branch Wallace, second child of Abagail, b. Sept. 25, 1830; 
married Oct. 18, 1872, Elizabeth M. Barton, b. March 9, 1845; children six: 
Bernice C., Carrie M., Bertha B.. Ernest S., Ethel G., S. Branch. Bernice, 
b. Aug. 19, 1873, died March 7, 1883; Carrie M., b. Jan. 10. 1876; Bertha B., 
b. Aug. 10, 1878; married Sept. 17, 1897, George L. Ayers, b. March 13, 1878, 
children two: Viola A. Ayers, b. May 30, 1898; Arnold B. Ayers, b. Feb. 
19, 1902. Ernest S. Wallace, b. May 3, 1881, died March 4, 1883. Ethel L., 
b. Dec. 18, 1883; S. Branch, b. Aug. 16, 1886. 

Mary Wallace, third child of Abagail, b. April 15, 1833; married Nov. 
1, 1854, Spencer Boyce, b. June 4, 1829; children six: Loyal, Ella, Samuel, 
George, Mary A., Sarah. Loyal, b. Sept. 4, 1855, died Feb. 6. 1875. Ella, b. 
May 8, 1857, married Nov. 2, 1881, Allen Skidmore; children two: Alta May, 
b. Dec. 28, 1883; Mary Ethel Skidmore, b. Jan. 29, 1889. Samuel Boyce, b. 
Nov. 21, 1859, married Dec. 30, 1885, Anna Hadley; children three: Calista, 
b. 1887; Floyd, b. 1892; Howard, b. 1894. George Boyce, b. July 15, 1862; 
married Oct. 16, 1889, Mary Behm; children six: Spencer, b. 1892; Frances, 
b. 1894; John, b. 1895; Eliza, b. 1898; Leoritta, b. 1900; Mary, b. 1902. 
Mary Abby Boyce. b. Oct. 3, 1872; married Nov. 13, 1895, Lois Roepcker; 
children three: Mary, b. 1897; Irene, b. 1898; Pearl, b. 1901. Sarah Boyce, 
b. May 9, 1875; di3d March 19, 1900; married April 10, 1897, Charles Daley; 
one child, Adornia, b. 1900. 

Alonzo Wallace, twin of Lorenzo, child of Abagail, b. June 25, ISSI, 
married Oct. 12, 1855, Elizabeth M. Ott, of Grand Haven, Mich. Alonzo 
Wallace was a soldier in the Civil War; was a prisoner six months. Chil- 
dren of Alonzo, eleven: Chester. William. Alonzo, Charley. Annie. Mamie, 
John. Loyal, Mirta, Golda, Blanch. Chester, n. Aug. 17, 1856. married Ella 
Richards. William, b. June 5, 1859, married; has several children. Alonzo, 
b. 1861, deceased. Charley, b. May 4. 1863, married; several children. An- 
nie, b. May 10, 1866, married Austin; several children reside in Maine. 

Mamie, b. May 10. 1866; deceased. John, b. Nov. 28, 1870, married Ida Jew- 
ett; children, four: Leon. Mandie, Jewett, Boby, (the two latter deceased.) 
Loyal, b. Aug. 15, 1874. Mirta, b. Oct. 31. 1882. Golda, b. Oct. 26, 1883, mar- 
ried Sirvus Orth. Blanch Wallace, eleventh child of Alonzo, b. Dec. 1884. 

Lorenzo Wallace, (twin of Alonzo), b. June 25. 1834; married. March 
25, 1859, Anna M. Clapp. b. June 6, 1839; one child, Frank Eugene, b. Feb. 23, 
1861, died Feb. 14, 1901. 


Francis Wallace, sixth child of Abagail; unable to learn of his or her 

Daniel Wallace, seventh child of Abagail, married, 1860, Emma Love; 
children, four: Delia, Arthur, George. Emma. Delia, b. Oct. 11, 1864, mar- 
ried McEntire; several children. Arthur, b. Dec. 18, 1866, married. 

Nancy Wallace, eighth child of Abagail. died in childhood. 

Sarah Abagail Wallace, ninth child of Abagail, b. Oct. 11, 1844, in Lyn- 
don, Mich., married, Dec. 18, 1860, Alvin Evans, b. June 7, 1830, in Troy, N. 
Y.; died April 8, 1900, at Owasso, Mich.; children, four: George Truby, b. 
April 3, 1867, died Feb. 26, 1871. Wallace A., b. March 10, 1877, in Owasso, 
Mich., died there, March 3, 1881. Albert B., b. Oct. 9, 1880, in Owasso, Mich., 
married, Nov. 19, 1902. Nettie Wood, of Owasso, Mich. Vernon A. L., b, 
June 9, 1887, in Owasso, Mich. 

John M. Wallace, tenth child of Abagail, b. 1846. 

Lydia Wallace, eleventh child of Abagail, b. Aug. 17, 1848, married, 1869, 
George Sawer, deceased. 

Mason Branch, fifth child of Rufus, b. 1772, drowned in Castleton pond, 
Vt, 1788. 

Rufus Branch, sixth child of Rufus and A., b. Sept. 7. 1774, in Benning- 
ton, Vt., died Nov. 30, 1845, in Mesopotamia, O. Married. Nov. 9. 1796, Sylvia 
Goodwin, b. March 6. 1774, died at Castleton, Vt., Feb. 6, 1804; married, 
June 5, 1804, second wife. Abi Joslyn; children, ten: Polly, Asa, Mason, 
John, Sylvia, Polly, Margaret, Ruby, F. L.. Angeline. Polly, first child of 
Rufus. Jr., b. July 6, 1798, died Aug. 6. 1800. Asa, second child of Rufus 
Jr., b. Sept. 2, 1800, died Jan. 5. 1813. Mason Branch, third child of Rufus 
Jr., b. Feb. 9, 1802. in Castleton, Vt., died July 3, 1882. in Kingsville, O.: bur- 
ied in Say brook. O. A grand old man. John, fourth child of Rufus, Jr.. b. 
Feb. 1, 1804. in Castleton. Vt., died Feb. 27, 1876. in Schodak, N. Y.; married, 
Dec. 19, 1832, Mary Lewis, died March 3, 18/3. in Schodak, N. Y.; children, 
three: J. G. W., R. Huntington, Lewis. J. G. W. Branch, b. Nov. 16, 1833, in 
Chatham, N. Y., unmarried: was well educated, a lawyer by profession; be- 
came blind through an accident in a mine in New Mexico in his early man- 
hood. R. Huntington, b. May 8, 1838, in Chatham, N. Y., married, Nov. 6, 
1862, Elizabeth C. See, died Feb. 28, 1898; children, two: Edwin. John. Ed- 
win, b. July 17, 1877, in Scnodak, N. Y., unmarried. John, b. Dec. 6, 1878, in 
Schodak. N. Y.. married. Oct. 30, 1895, Carrie E. Brooks; one child, John R., 
b Nov. 29, 1899, in N. Y. City. Lewis Branch, b. March 23, 1842, in Chat- 
ham, N. Y.. married, March 22, 1863, Estella Travis: children, two: Charles 
J.. Carrie E. Charles J., married, Aug. 8, 1888, Alida Beardsley; one child, 
Adealia, b. June 7, 1889. Carrie E., b. July 23, 1867, in Schodak, N. Y., mar- 
ried, Aug. 1. 1895, John A. Patterson. 

Sylvia, fifth child of Rufus, Jr., b. July 17, 1805, in Castleton, Vt.; died 
in Saybrook. Ohio, Oct. 5. 1862; married Hiram Hickox; died Oct. 12, 1862; 
children two: Hiram Malon, Lucy. 

Hiram Malon, b. July 11, 1832, in Mesopotamia, Ohio; killed Dec. 13, 

' 29 

1878, by being thrown from his wagon by his team running, while moving 
from Defiance county, Ohio, to St. Joseph. Mich.; married Sept. IS. 185G, 
Fanny Converse of Saybrook, died May 11, 1864, in Royalton. Mich. H. 
Malon Hickox married second wife. Nov. 17, 1867, Betsy Arliff, b. Sept. 
6, 1837; died March 28, 1898; children six: Evaline. Gertrude. Myria. 
Bertha A., Rachel A., Arthur. Evaline. b. June 11, 1857. in 
Saybrook, O.. married Nov. 28, 1878, Francis Mock, children nine: Walter, 
b. Dec. 17, 1879; married Dec. 25, 1903, Carrie Fonts; Earl. b. May 13, 1882; 
Margaret Pearl, b. March 14. 1884. died Julv 11, 1898; Willis, b. March 1, 
1886; Curtis, b. M.ay 7, 1889; Hazel, b. May 10. 1893; Charles, b. March 27, 
1895; Evaline, b. Nov. 22, 1897; Virgil, b. March 22, 1903. Gertrude Hickox. 
b. May 25, 1860, died Sept. 28, 1865, in St. Joseph, Mich. Myrta, b. April 
23, 1864. married Wm. Swadling; one child, and one adopted: Bertha 
Adella, b. Jan. 31, 1870, married Chas. Wesley Flickenger; one child, Wes- 
ley Lindon, b. May 30, 1903. Rachel Angeline, b. Aug. 25, 1873; married 
W^illiam Paris; died Feb. 1, 1904; one child, William Lesta, b. Sept. 27, 1902. 
Arthur, b. June 26, 1876; married Ivy Kellogg, died Aug. 3, 1899. 

Lucy Hickox, b. March 19, 1835, in Mesopotamia. Ohio: died in Pierce 
City, Mo., Nov. 19, 1889: married. 1856. Fenner Cook of Saybrook, O., de- 
ceased; married second husband, Philetus Farr of St. Joseph, Mich; chil- 
dren, six: Etta, Louis. Albert, Alvy. Fred. Maud. Etta Cook, b. Nov. 30, 
1859, in Saybrook, Ohio: married James Loder of Pierce City: he died there 
April 12, 1890: one child, Odessa Jeanette. b. Dec. 22, 1889, in Pierce 
City, Mo. Louis Elbert Farr, married Cordealia Hite; children two: May, 
b. 1893; Oscar, b. 1896. Alvy Farr married. 1900, Louisa Paul; one child, 
b. 1901. Fred Farr died 1890. Maud Farr married James Howard; one son, 
b. 1898. 

Polly Branch, sixth child of Rufus, Jr., b. May 20, 1808, in Castleton, 
Vt.; died near Buffalo, N. Y.. Sept. 3, 1843; married Smith Jones; children 
three: Alf, Wakeley, Mary J. Alfred died many years ago, unmarried. 
Wakley Jones married; one daughter living near Boston, N. Y., at last 
accounts. Wakley Jones married second wife. Mate German of New Boston, 

N. Y., had one son; find no trace of them. Mary Jane Jones married 

W^oodward; children, three boys: nothing learned of her or her descendents. 

Margaret, seventh child of Rufus, Jr., b. 1811; died March 3, 1813. 

Ruby, eighth child of Rufus. Jr., b. June 21, 1814, in Castleton. Vt.; 
died Dec. 9, 1850, at Mesopotamia. Ohio; married Oct. 9, 1834, Benj'n 
Bowers; children six: Sylvia M.. Cornealus, Henerette. Henry, Ellen A., 
Ruby A.; Sylvia M.. b. Feb. 3. 1836, in Mesopotamia, O.; died March 12, 
1S89, at Grafton, S. D.; married. June 9. 1856, William Phillips of Waterloo, 
Wis.; children four: James, unmarried; Ella, married John Wilson of Lake 

Mills, Wis.; Myrtle married Reeves of Howard. S. D.; Willie Phillips. 

Cornealus Bowers, b. Aug. 4, 1838, in Mesopotamia: died there in 1853. Hen- 
rietta, b. Jan. 3, 1846. in Mesopotamia; married John Wilson of 
Lake Mills, Wis.; children three: Etta, Claud, Lee. Henry Bow- 


ers, b. Sept. 5. 1841, in Mesopotamia, Ohio; died on Viclvsbiirg 
battlefield May 2S, 1863. Ellen Abi. b. Sept. 9, 1844, in Mes- 
opotamia, O.; married E. C. Campbell of Clay Center, Kan.; 
children two: Myrtle, Azel. Ruby Abby Bowers, b. Sept. 1. 1849, In Meso- 
potamia, O., married Dec. 29, 1868, Chester A. Hosmer of Parkmon, O.; 
children three: Sylvester B., Lee, Stella. Sylvester B., b. Nov. 7, 18T0, 
in Middlefield, O., married Sept. 28, 1898, Norma Kohlrose; children, two' 
Chester A., b. Sept. 24. 1900; Herbert C, b. Oct. 10, 1902. Lee, b. July 3, 
1872, in Mesopotamia, O.; married Sept. 2, 1903, Janie Forrest. 
Stella G. Hosmer, b. Aug. 14, 1877, in Middlefield, O.; married May 29, 
1898. R. D. Cone; children two: Paul C, b. Jan. 28, 1900; J. Merle, b. 
March 15. 1903. 

Frederick Linsey Branch, ninth child of Rufus. Jr.. b. Oct. 23. 1819, 
in Castleton. Vt.; died Aug. 13, 1890, in Saybrook, Ohio; married Oct. 19, 
1851, Sophia P. Proud; children three: Angeline, Hellen M., Ernest W. 
Angeline. b. Feb. 11, 1853, in Saybrook, O.; died there April 19, 1896. 
Hellen M.. b. July 1, 1855, in Saybrook, O.; married Dec. 3. 1873. Alfred 
Hanna Stewart; children four: Paul. b. Sept. 9, 1876, in Savbrook, O.; 
Alfred, b. May 30, 1880; Alma. b. May 30. 1880, in Saybrook. 6.; married 
Nov. 8, 1902, Frank Warren Richmond; one child. Harrold Warren, b. Sept. 
20. 1903. in Saybrook, O. Marc Stewart, b. June 16. 1883. in Saybrook. Ohio. 
Ernest W. Branch, b. Jan. 16, 1863, in Saybrook, O.; married June 27, 1891, 
Estella Smyth; children two: Grace, b. Aug. 6, 1892, in Cleveland, O.; Mar- 
jorie, b. Nov. 8, 1894, in Cleveland. 

Angeline Branch. 10th child of Rufus, Jr., b. July 29, 1823. in Castleton. 
Vt.; died Aug. 23, 1878, in Mesopotamia. O.; married May 28, 1846, Lemuel 
Higby; children three: Isodene A., Perlia E.. George. Isodene A., b. Nov. 
11, 1847, in Mesopotamia, O.; married Dec. 25, 1867, Edmond Knapp; chil- 
dren two: Perlia Agnes, b. May 6, 1883, in Garrettsville. O.; Howard 
Higby, b. July 4. 1886. in Garrettsville, O. Perlia Etta Higby. b. March 22, 
1851, in Mesopotamia, O.; married Sept., 1869, Reuben Daniels; one child, 
George Eiiis Daniels, b. May 30, 1873. in Garrettsville, O. George Higby. b. 
Feb. 6, 1853, in Mesopotamia, Ohio; married June 1, 1878, Eliza Curtis; no 

Seth W. Branch, seventh child of Rufus and Abagail, b. 1777. in Ben- 
nington. Vt.; died Sept. 16. 1854. in Shalersville. O.. where he came in 1833. 
Married. 1798, Polly Demming. b. 1779; died Jan. 27. 1864. in Shalersville, 
O.; children, seven: Benjamin H., Marj^ Martin D., Ferrand M., Eliza, Seth 
P., Laura G. 

Benj. Holton. b. 1800. in Castleton. Vt.. died 1824 at Monkton. Vt.; 
married Rozilla Branch, daughter of Elijah Branch of Monkton, Vt. (a very 
distant relative); no children. 

Mary, b. Dec. 30, 1801, in Castleton, Vt; died Sept. 2. 1887, in Indianap- 
olis, Ind.; married Hector Hickox Hall; died in Indianapolis, Ind.; 1888; 


children three: Ann Eliza, Jane Adealia, Eliza Frances; all died in young 

Martin D., b. Feb. 16, 1804, in Castleton, Vt.; died' March 8. 1881, in Or- 
well, Vt.; married, June 25, 1831, Luna Tenney, b. Aug. 27, 1803; died May 
31, 1892, in Orwell. Vt.; children, two: Isaac T. and 

Vernon H. Isaac Tenney, born Feb. 15, 1832, in Orwell, 

Vt.; died there Feb. 24. 1902; married Feb. 15, 1857, Mary Italy 
Churchill, b. 1838 in Milwaukee, Wis.; died Dec. 27, 1864. in Orwell, Vt. 
Isaac T. married second wife, Emma Sabina Moffit. b. April 20, 1847; died 
June 15, 1903, in Orwell, Vt.; children five: Walter T.. Vernon H., May E., 
Jav E.. Anna L. Walter Tenney Branch, b. July 25, 1859; married, May 19, 
1887, Minnie Bell Campbell of Sewall, W. Va.: children three: Carlton 
Campbell, Churchill, Tenney. Vernon Harris Branch, Jr., b. Feb. 3. 1863, 
in Milwaukee, Wis.; married Oct. 20, 1885, Luella Brown of Milwaukee, 
Wis.; one child. Hazel Branch. Jay Ernest Branch, b. July 19, 1875, in Or- 
well, Vt. May Emma Branch, b. July 19. 1875. in Orwell. Vt. 
Married Sept. 28, 1893, Glenn Chas. Phelps, b. April 13. 1873, in Orwell. A^. 
Children four: Roy Glenn, b. July 13. 1894; Mildred May, 
b. Feb. 21, 1898; Effie Emma. b. Feb. 15, 1901; Luella Anna. b. May 3, 1903. 
Anna Luna Branch, fifth child of Isaac T., b. Dec. 10. 1880, in Orwell. Vt. 
Vernon Harris Branch, second child of Martin, b. Feb. 3, 1838; died 1880, 

Ferrand Madison, fourth child of Seth and Polly, b. Feb. 8, 1806, in Castle- 
ton, Vt. ; died Nov. 28. 1874. in Saybrook. Ohio; came from Sudbury, Vt., to 
Shalersville, O.. in 1833; from Shalersville to Saybrook, O., in 1855; married, 
1840, Sophia Phila Fairbanks, b. Nov. 26, 1817, in Augusta, N. Y.; died June 
10, 1896, in Saybrook, O.; children two: Benjamin Holton, b. March 10, 1842, 
in Shalersville, Ohio; died Oct. 11, 1862, in Saybrook, O. Ann Eliza, b. Jan. 
22, 1852, in Shalersville, Ohio; married C. J. Slocum'. 1868; married John 
Gartner, 1877; died Dec, 1890; married Nov. 4, 1897. John Paulson, b. Oct. 
10, 1842. in Trolenas, Sweden. Children three: Charles Ferrand Slocum, 
b.'jan. 23, 1869, in Saybrook. Ohio. Zylpha Viola Slocum, b. June' 21, 1871, 
in Saybrook, O.; married Aug. 3, 1898, George Franklin Ober of Denver, Colo. 

Ruth Ann Gartner, b. Dec. 28, 1879, in Ashtabula, Ohio; married Jan. 24, 
1896, Arthur W. Corlew; one child, Zylpha Viola Corlew, March 24, 1897, in 
Saybrook, Ohio. 

Eliza Branch, fifth child of S. and P.. born in Castleton, Vt., Feb. 27. 1808; 
died in Oberlin, O., Aug. 15, 1898; married Rev. George Clark, died in Ober- 
lin, Ohio. Dec. 15, 1888; children, two; both died in early childhood. This 
couple deserve more than a passing notice. Mr. Clark was a Congregational 
minister, an evangelist. His field was from Massachusetts to Wisconsin 
and south to Kentucky. He was an ardent worker for the Master, being 
constantly in the field unless it be a few months in summer. His wife was 
truly a helpmate to him in every sense of the word; working hard keeping 
boarders in the college town of Oberlin, Ohio, at $1.00 per week. She used 


to bake a large loaf of brown bread in a brick oven all night; in the 
morning at breakfast it would melt the butter. The boarders sometimes 
said: "Why, Mrs. Clark, you must get up very early to give us warm bread 
for breakfast." She said years after, "I did not feel called upon to explain, 
but took the compliment for what it was worth." She sometimes accom- 
panied her husband on his journeys, helping him much in his labors. Truly 
they gathered in many sheaves and have gone home to their reward, which 
is sure. 

Seth Perry Branch, sixth child of S. & P.. b. in Benson, Vt, March 7, 
1816; died in Ravenna. O., Sept. 3. 1893; married May 13, 1845, Rebecca 
Sharp, born in Sharon, N. Y., April 26, 1818; died in Ravenna Nov. 12, 1899; 
children two: Mary E, Elsie L. Seth P. Branch came from Rutland county, 
Vt., to Ohio in 1833, but subsequently returned to Vermont and learned the 
mason's trade. On his return trip to Ohio, after serving an apprenticeship, 
he formed the acquaintance of Miss Rebecca Sharp, who was traveling with 
her father. This acquaintance culminated in their marriage, after he had 
prepared a home for his bride to be. He lived in Shalersville and worked 
at his trade for many years in the neighboring towns. He was noted for 
his fearlessness in expressing his opinion on an subjects at all times, if 
called upon to do so. He was highly esteemed and respected. He held 
numerous offices of trust in his town and county. He was a witty man 
and very quick at repartee. It was said of him he was never known to be 
at a loss for an answer but once. He then lived with his brother Ferrand. 
One day, as the family larder was getting low, the latter decided to go out 
and shoot a deer (it being a usual thing in those days). Seth had a large 
dog that he set great store by. As Ferrand started out with his gun, he 
gave orders' t'hat the dog be kept shut up, and went on his way to the 
fallow. After traveling through the snow for over two miles, he got sight 
of a fine buck; he took aim and just as he was about to pull the trigger, 
the dog came running up and scared the game. Ferrand took aim again, 
this time at the dog; he was a good marksman. As there was no chance 
to get sight of more game that day, he retraced his steps. Arriving home, 
Seth inquired "if he found any game." Ferrand related his experience. 
Whereupon Seth said: "I would have shot the flamber-gasted dog." His 
brother replied, "I did." Although feeling his loss keenly, he had not a word 
to say, but it was the lirst time, and probably the last. Mary Evelyn Branch, 
b. in Shalersville, O., April 26, 1849; married George C. French, May IS, 1871; 
Elsie L. Branch, born in Shalersville, O., April 26, 1856. 

Laura Geraldine Branch, seventh child of S. & P., born in Sudbury, Vt., 
Dec. 15, 1817; married, 1850, Samuel Stacy Hills: died Jan. 25, 1853; one 
child, Chas. Stacy Hills, born Oct. 15. 1852; died Jan., 1853. At the present 
writing Mrs. Hills lives in Oberlin, Ohio; she is the oldest living member 
of the Branch family. After the deatn of her husband, she always made 
her home with her sister, Mrs. Clark, until the death of the latter five years 
ago. She still occupies the old home, with a companion. She is a very ardent 


v.'orker in the missionary cause, especially the foreign branch. Many are 
the missions she has helped in many ways, and many are the hearts her 
letters have cheered. May she be spared many years yet to promote the 
cause. Mrs. Hills is a graduate of Oberlin College, class of '45. She taught 
school at $1.75 per week to earn the money to help herself tnrough college. 
Another instance of Branch perseverance. 

Wait Branch, seventh child of R. & A., born in Castleton, Vt., 1779; 
died in Orwell, Vt., 1868; married July 13, 1800, Lucy Hyde; 
in Orwell, Vt. ; 1850; children three: Wait, Orson, Franklin. Wait 
Branch was a colonel in the war of 1812-14, and as such led his regiment 
at the battle of Plattsburg. The sword he used is in the possession of his 
grandson. Major C. F. Branch. 

Wait Branch, Jr., born in Orwell. Vt., 1801; died in Wilmington, 111., 
1854; married Feb. 13, 1823, Abigail Fuller; children three: Cynthia, Wil- 
liam. James. Cynthia Branch, born in Licking county, Ohio, June 26, 1827; 
married April 12, 1852, James Wright; children six: Porter. Darwin. James 
M.. Emory M., G. Charles, Minnie S. Porter Wright, born in Granville. O.: 
married June 22, 1881, Zelta Vanfosser; children .xiree: Elsie Wright, b. 
1885; Lewell Wright, b. 1887; Ralph Wright, b. 1890. Darwin Wright died 
in childhood; James M. Wright, married April 27, 1887, Mary ii.. Smith; 
children two: Paul Wright, b. 1890; Dorothy Wright, b. 1897. Emory M. 
Wright, married Sept. 11, 1888, Elma Smith; children four: Walter E. 
Wright. b. 1889; Laura J. Wright. b. 1891; Foster 

and Lester Wright, b. 1893. G. Charles Wright married Aug. 9. 1888. Belle 
Holler, children two: Abigail May Wright, b. 1889; Grant Gage Wright, 
b. 1893. Franklin Branch, b. 1805. in Orwell, Vt.; died in Atlanta, Ga., it 
is supposed. Has one daughter, Lucy, now living there; unable to com- 
municate with her. 

Orson Branch, third son of Wait Branch, Sr., b. in Orwell, Vt., 1812; 
died there May 11, 1872; married Rodilla Felton, died in Orwell, Vt., 1882; 
children seven: Lelia, Julia, Anna. Mary, Chas. F., Henry D., Albert H. 
Lelia. Julia, Anna, Mary died in childhood. Charles F. Branch, born in 
Orwell, Vt., D6c.. 1845, married Emma Cook, died August, .1876; married 
Ida Burbank, died Jan., 1890; married Clara H. Greenwood, 1895; children 
five. Charles F. Branch, fired by the spirit of his ancestors, 
answered his country's call by enlisting in the ninth Vermont Infantry, Col. 
Stannard, in June, 1862, when but 16 years and six months of age. He 
was twice promoted on the field; he served in the 18th army corps under 
Gen. Butler; also in the 29th under Gen. E. O. C. Ord. Took part in the 
following battles: Battle of Winchester, Va., Harper's Ferry, Siege of Suf- 
folk. W. Va., Nansemond. Edenton Roads, Blackwater, Yorktown, Gloucester, 
C. H. Young's X Roads. Newport Barracks, N. C, (where he was wounded), 
Swansboro. N. C, Jacksonville, Fort Harrison, Sept., 64, Redoubt Dritton, 
Oct. and Nov. 8 weeks under constant fire; led 100 picked men to support 
a battery, and brought out but 43; wounded; promoted at the siege of Rich- 


mond; at the capture of Richmond was one of the first soldiers to enter 
the city. Promoted again. Came home at the head of the remnant of his 
regiment, three days before he was 21 years of age. Soon after he entered 
college and after graduating, became a physician. That he was and is a 
popular one. is shown by the fact that he was professor of hygiene in the 
Medical college of Burlington, Yt.; president of the State Medical society 
of Vermont, 1S94; surgeon general of Vermont; medical examiner for sev- 
eral life insurance companies, and a member of three live medical societies. 
The major has a young son who delights in a gun, sword and helmet, and 
an opportunity to parade. Yea. the spirit still lives. 

Children of Dr. Charles F. Branch: James Branch, b. 1866; died 1886; 
Mary Branch married Frank R. Kinsman; Lillian Branch married Sherman 
Campbell; Hellen Branch, born in Newport, Yt., 1S84; Charles F. Branch, 
Jr., born in Amherst. Mass., Aug. 6, 1897. 

Ruth Branch, eighth child of R. and A., b. in Castleton, Yt., 1783. died in 
Portland, Mich., 1870; married, 1804, Noah Arms, b. 1782, died 1842; chil- 
dren, six: Nelson T., Hiram H., Wait B., Selah R., Fanny L. R.. William H. 

Nelson Temple Arms, first child of N. & R., born Aug. 14. 1805; died 
at E. Nassua, N. Y., July 16, 1865; married. 1830, Hannah Otterburn, died 
1831; married, 1836, Eliza Beals. died 1837; married. 1839, Sarah Hancox, 
died May 19, 1886. One daughter, Frances E. Arms. b. Sept. 22. 1846, mar- 
ried Oct. 25. 1865, Carlos Ambler; children, two: Harriet Ambler, b. Oct. 

16, 1868; Carlos Ambler, b. June 6. 1879. 

Hiram H. Arms, b. 1807, died 1847. Married Eliza Williams; no chil- 

Wait B. Arms, third child of N. and R., b. Sept. 18, 1809. died at Le 
Roy, N. Y.. Nov. 11, 1876. Married. Oct. 16. 1833, Julia Sheldon, June 11, 
1811, died 1899; children, four: I. Frances. Horace S., Nelson T.. L. Eliza. 

I. Frances Arms, b. Nov. 20, 1834, married, Dec. 31. 1862. Emory Coe, b. Dec. 

17, 1836; children, three, Nellie A.. Fanny L.. J. Florence. Nellie A. Coe, 
b. Dec. 19; 1873, at LeRoy. N. Y. Fanny L. Coe. b. Aug. 18% 1875, married, 
March 28. 1888, Chas. Lawson. J. Florence Coe, b. Aug. 3, 1877. married, 
Nov. 7, 1894, Ernest L. Waid; children, two: Frances Emogene ^Yaid, b. 
Oct. 15, 1889; Doris Elizabeth Waid, b. April 28. 1900. Horace S. Arms, b. 
Oct. 5, 1837, died Nov. 30. 1890, unmarried. Nelson Temple Arms. Jr., b. 
Sept. 24, 1839. married. May 7, 1873, Tillie Carr, died Oct. 1878; married, 
Oct. 15. 1885, Clara DeHaas. died Aug. 11, 1886; children, two: Paul. Emma. 
Paul Arms, b. April 19, 1875; married Mae Smith: one son. b. July 14. 1901. 
Emma died in infancy. L. Eliza Arms, fourth child of Wait and J., b. June 

II, 1842, married Jan. 13, 1863, E. Louis Snow\ died Feb. 13. 1893; children, 
five: Rose, Pere, Belle, Fred, Louis. Rose Snow married. Dec. 16. 1892, 
Fred B. Taft; children, two: Louis Taft. b. May 11, 1894: Hilda Taft. b. 
April 12, 1899. Pere Snow married, March 12. 1901. Belle Snow, married 
Nov. 19,' 1900, Frank Pierson. Freddie and Louis Snow died in infancy. 

Selah Arms, fourth child of N. and R., b. in Vermont, 1810, died in Port- 


land, Mich., 1865. Married Margaret Ritter, died; married Maryette Griffin, 
b. 1810, died in Portland, Mich., 1862; children, four: George M., James, 
Ruth, Selah. George M. Arms, b. in Portland, Mich., married Alvira King; 
children, two: Frank C, Lottie M. 

George M. Arms was a soldier in the Civil War and deserves more than 
a passing notice. He was brought up on a farm but at his country's call, 
true to the spirit of his forefathers, he enlisted in the Third Michigan In- 
fantry, Co. E. At the Battle of Bull Run he received a wound which re- 
sulted in the loss of a leg. After being confined in a hospital a year, he was 
discharged. He has a silver medal presented him by Philip Kearney. The 
history of its giving, loss and recovery are best told in his own words, as 
condensed from the Portland Review of July 26, 1903.) 

"It was two days after the battle of Fair Oaks, a chum and myself were 
going over the battlefield looking for wounded soldiers, when Phil Kearney 
rode up to us and said he wished to locate the Confederate picket line, as 
he wished to advance his own pickets as far as possible. We told him we 
would volunteer to find them. He said, "Boys, do you realize that it is a 
desperate undertaking ? You will be in danger of being shot at every step." 
We replied that we would as soon chance it with a picket post as a rebel 
division. He then said, "Arms, you are the smallest and can get through 
the brush better; will you go alone ?" I said I would try it. He took my 
name, company, regiment and home address. He then took me to the ex- 
treme left of his division, at the upper end of a white oaiv swamp. This 
swamp was composed of a dense growth of underbrush, while the water 
was from two to twelve inches deep. On leaving our picket line, I laid 
down and crawled along; the brush was so thick I could not walk, if I had 
been disposed to. On my way I thought I would never be able to find my 
way back, although I was plowing quite a furrow. At length I reached dry 
land and with the point of my bayonet I marked the brush so as to be able 
to find my way back. I almost wished I was out of the job. I soon saw 
a light ahead. At about that time a lonely mule set up one of his long 
drawn "He, Haws" so close to me that I thought I must have passed the 
picket. About this time you may guess I was taking short steps. All at 
once, not twenty feet away, just over the fence, I caught sight of a lonely 
vidette. It seemed I had come a long way but probably had not traveled 
over 60 rods. I had the advantage of the Johnnie as I was in the brush 
while he was running along the edge of the woods. He heard me but could 
not see me, so I had the drop on him. I whispered him to keep still, re- 
move the cap from his gun and come over the fence. Seeing he could not 
do otherwise, he surrendered at once. I felt somewhat relieved when I had 
his gun in my hands. Looking along the fields on the other side of the 
fence I could see a long line of inlantry drawn up in line of battle. I asked 
him to whom they belonged. He told me they were Gen. John B. Magrau- 
der's corps. I made better time getting back. On reporting at head quar- 
ters you can imagine how I looked aicer crawling through that swamp of 



mud. dead leaves and frog spittle. After reporting and delivering up my 
captive, I was ordered back to my regiment. This was on June 1. 1862. 
On JiMe 30, was the battle at Charles City X roads. The next morning af- 
ter the battle Kearney handed me the medal done up in a scrap of paper. 
1 slipped it in my cartridge box. This was the sixth day of the seven days' 
fight before Richmond. The next day was the battle of Malvern Hill, dur- 
ing which a shot struck my cartridge box, scattering medal, ammunition and 
all to the four ends of the earth for all I knew. I never expected to see 
the medal again. It was picked up by a colored man while plowing on Mal- 
vern Hiill in 1903. To get the medal again, Mr. Arms had to use much 
diplomacy, and pay the finder $5.00." When the trophy was plowed up it 
was reported to tlie editor of the Richmond News and Leader, who, getting 
the address from the medal, wrote Mr. Arms, who immediately opened com- 
munications with "Square Guy," the owner of the land and thus regained 
his lost treasure, upon the receipt of which Mr. Arms first made known to 
his friends the story of his bravery and its reward. 

FYank C. Arms, son of the above, b. in Portland. Mich.. 1849, married 
Lottie Vance; one child. Gladys Arms, b. 1895. Lottie M. Arms, b. in Port- 
land, Mich., married Herbert Knight; one child, Allen Knight, b. 1896. 
James Arms, second child of S. and M., b. in Portland. Mich.. 1842, died 
there, 1895. Married Mary Martin: children, one son. Ruth Arms, third 
child of S. and M., b. in Portland, Mich., 1844, married Chas. Hastings; 
children, one daughter. Married J. Vangeison. Selah Arms, Jr.. b. in Port- 
land, Mich.. 1855. married Louisa Burling; children, three: Hillman Arms, 
b. 1882; Tina Arms. b. 1884; Joe Arms, b. 1888. 

Fanny D. R. Arms, fifth child of N. and R.. b. in Vermont, 1812, died 
at Fair Haven. Vt., 1842. Married Foster Wilder; no children. 

William H. Arms, sixth child of N. and R., b. in Vermont, 1815, married; 
children, six, unable to locate them. 

Ruba Branch, tenth child of Rufus and Abagail. b. 1786, in Castleton, 
Vt., died there July 16. 1801. 

The following are some Branches that I have been -anable to trace. 
(Probably all are branches of one common tree). 

Daniel Branch, b. Aug. 24. 1724. died Nov. 7. 1804. married. Nov. 27, 
1755. Johanna Jinks, b. June 18. 1730, died April 10, 1811: children eight; 
Nicholas Branch, b. Nov. 25, 1756. died Feb. 11. 1811; Ahaliah Branch, b. 
March 24, 1759, died Feb. 16, 1831; Joanna Branch, b. Oct. 18, 1760, died 
Sept. 7, 1800; Josenh Branch, b. Feb. 2. 1762. died Sept. 18. 1762; Jane 
Branch, b. May 4, 1763, died April 24, 1829; Olive Branch, b. July 19, 1765, 
died Aug. 25. 1846; Nathaniel Branch, b. Aug. 24, 1767, died Aug. 24, 1851; 
Lydia Branch, b. Sept. 1, 1770, died Jan. 21, 1851. 

Nicholas Branch, first child of Daniel and Johanna, b. in Providence, 
R. L, Nov. 25.' 1756. died Aug. 25, 1846; married Aug. 8. 1781, Thankful 

b. Dec. 28. 1753, died April 7, 1795. Nicholas Branch, second wife, 

married Oct. 15, 1795, Rhoda Crandall, died July 14. 1840; children, eleven; 


Mary, b. Nov. 1, 17S3, died June 22, 1826; Nancy, b. Nov. 20, 1784, died Oct. 
4, 1785; Nicliolas, b. Dec. 28, 1785, died Feb. 17, 18il; Stephen, b. March 
31, 1789, was Judge Branch of Providence. R. I.; Fannv, b. Mav 2. 1792, 
died Sept. 12, 1793; William, b. Oct. 30, 1798, died Dec. 15, 1880: Elvira 
Branch, b. July 21. 1800, died Sept. 3, 1800; John, b. Oct. 21, 1802. died 
March 25, 1872; Nancy, b. June 7, 1804; Rebecca, b. April 27, 1807; George 
W., b. July 4, 1810. 

William Branch, sixth child of Nicholas and Thankful, b. Oct. 30. 1798, 
died Dec. 15, 1880. Married, 1819, Mary Lee; children, seven: Abby L. 
Branch, b. Feb. 4, 1821, now living, married Joseph Peckham; no children. 
William M. Branch, b. July 15, 1823, died June 22, 1887. Married Abby Ann 
Harris; one daughter, Ella, married. James A. P. Branch, b. Aug. 9, 1825, 
died Jan. 20, 1826. Alpheus Branch, b. Aug. 9, 1826; married Lizzie Titcomb 
cf Hampstead, N. H., deceased; children, three, two sons and one daugh- 
ter: one son, Philip N. Branch. Marv Jane Branch, b. May 12. 1828, died 
1829. Charles H. Branch, b. March 17. 1830. died March 7, 1889; married 
Adelaide Hubbard. Edwin Branch, b. Sept. 19, 1833. married, Aug. 5, 1860, 
Sebela Mansfield, whose great-grandfather settled Mansfield, Mass. Mary 
Branch, b. June 21, 1835, married S. M. Vose, children, six, two dead. 

Lemuel Branch, b. in Onondaga Co., N. Y., married Johnson 

children, four: Deodatus, Elias. Johnson, Flavial. Deodatus had six chil- 
dren, the oldest now lives at Summer Hill, N. Y., George and Jay, where- 
abouts unknown; Cornealia. dec'd; Elvira Branch married Frank Pickett; 
Elias died at Summer Hill, N. Y.; Flavial was in the Mexican war and 
never heard from afterward. 

Johnson Branch, b. Aug. 24. 1811, in Onondaga Co., N. Y., occupation. blacK- 
smith, died Jan. 31, 1890, in Kingsville, O. Married Ann Greer of Albany, N. 
Y.; dec'd. Married second wife. Jan. 8. 1840, Eliza Ann Black, of Cortland, 
N. Y. ; children, six: Ann E.. Sarah. Frances. William H. (dec'd), Elnora, 
Homer J. Ann Eliza Branch married Henry Gee of Monroe. O.; children 
two: Jennie. Fred. Jennie married Albert Morse, children, three; oldest 
daughter married Charles Clark; son and daughter at home, aged respect- 
ively 17 and 11. 

Homer J. Branch, b. April 23, 1853, married Dec. 31, 1874, Inez L. Col- 
grove; children, three: Mary E., Homer G.. Harold L. V. Mary Elnora 
Branch, b. 1879. in Kingsville, O., married. Jan. 1, 1900, Chas. A. Brown. 
Homer Glenn Branch, b. 1882, in Kingsville, O. Harold La Verne Branch, 
b. 1895, in Kingsville, O. 

Nephews of Lemuel Branch were William, Marcus, John; the two for- 
mer reside in Tobias, N. Y.; John, deceased, one son, Charles F. of Tully, 
N. Y. 

Eathon Branch, Jeptha, Joseph. David. Asher, and two sisLers whose 
names are not known, w^ere probably children of Masa Branch, whose an- 
cestors are not known. There is no authentic record to show that they 



were children of Masa; all that is known is from reminiscences of one La- 
fayette Branch of Moors Forks. N. Y., b. ISll. 

Masa's name is mentioned in the records of deeds in Richmond. Mass. 
He bought 70 acres of land in Lenox. Mass., May 25, 1769. He was from 
Richmond. Mass. On Feb. 12. 1785. he sold this land in Lenox. At that 
time he was a resident of Bennington, Vt. From the records in Benson. Vt., 
Jeptha Branch married June — , and had six children: Ashsah. b Oct. 4, 
1794; Enoch, b. Oct. 2S. 179G: Expin. b. Oct. 29. 1798; Caleb, b. Sept. 7, 1799; 
Abigail, b. July 15, 1S02: Olive, b. Nov. 30, 1804. 

Joseph Branch, supposed sen of Masa. married Flagg: children. 

six: Melaucton. Fayette. Almeda, Mariette, Julias. Henry. Fayette was 
living at Mocres Forks, Clinton county, N. Y., 1896, age 85 years. His children: 
Sidney, living in Illinois: Nelson, of Belmont. N. Y.; .Julius, of Redmont, 
Vt.; Charles, of Connecticut; James, of Eellenburg, Vt.; Chauncy, of Min- 
neapolis, Minn.; one daughter living in Connecticut. 

Asher Branch, b. at Benson, Vt.; lived some time at Moors Forks, Clin- 
ton county, N. Y. When 18 years of age enlisted in army of 1812-14. Mar- 
ried April 22. 1821. Nancy D. Kulbeth, daughter of Wm. and Mary Robinson 
Kulbeth. at New Haven. Gallatin Co.. 111. Asher died April 18. 1875; Nancy 
died April 1, 1880. They had eight children: Geo. W.. Norman B., Oliver 
C. Mills R., Lafayette. Marion. Virginia, Sarah. 

Geo. W. Branch, first child of A. & N., b. 1827, died Nov. 15, 1874. Mar- 
ried Feb. 22. 1852. Rebecca Harrison Sowell. at Hopeton. ISIariposa Co.. Cal.; 
children, five: Leonidas C. Eugene F.. Virginia A., John L.. Josephine I. 

Leonidas Clay Branch, first child of G. W. and R., married. June 25. 1879, 
Marv Jane Maddox, daughter of Rev. James H. Maddox. at Modesto. Cal.; 
children, three: Lulu Maddox Branch, b. May 5. 1880. died Dec. 12. 189S; 
Leona Lois Branch, b. Oct. 19, 1882; Kenneth Melrose Branch, b. March 2, 

Eugene Francis Branch, second child of G. W. and R., b. May 2. 1854; 
married Feb. 5. 1877, Ella, daughter of Hon. Miner Waldon: children five: 
George Waldon Branch, b. Nov. 10. 1878: Clara Belle Branch, b. Sept. 3, 
1880; Jessie Mabel Branch, b. July 25. 1882, died April 9. 1891: Eugene 
Francis Branch, b. May 23. 1884: Louis Miner Branch, b. Dec. 30, 1887. 

Virginia Arabella, third child of G. W. and R.. b. Oct. 23. 1855. died 
July 27, 1891; married July 22, 1873, Hon. J. J. Scrioner; children three: 
Georgia Branch. Eugene Belle, Florence May. Georgia Branch Scrioner. b. 
Oct. 6, 1874: married July 5, 1894. George E. Daborich; children, two: John 
Shelby, b. Sept. 19, 1896; Carlisle Nelson, b. July 19, 1898. Eugene Belle 
Scrioner. b. Aug. 16, 1877. Florence May Scrioner. b. Dec. 30, 1879: married 
Feb., 1898, C. E. Hoppe; one child, b. Jan. 8. 1900. 

John Lafayette Branch, fourth child of Geo. W. & R., b. May 15, 1858, 
married; one child. Lafayette. 

Josephine Irene Branch, fifth child of George W. and R.. b. June 1, 
186— ; married Aug. 29, 1882, Edward Williams, b. Dec. 22, 1857; children, 


&ix: lloiace Allison, b. May 12, 1884; Eugene Blaine, b. Aug. 7, 1887, died 
Aug. 16, 1888; Deola Lorena, b. Dec. 19, 1890; Hellen Louisa, b. Jan. 13, 
1893; daughter unnamed, b., died 1886; Virginia May, b. Dec. 5, 1902. 

Norman Bowditch Branch, second son of A. and N., b. Jan. lo, 1830, 
died June 30, 1886. Married, Oct. 8, 1853, Nancy Allen; children, four: 
Elbert Clinton Branch, b. Aug. 6, 1860; Norman Hood Branch, b. Feb. 2. 
1864; Kline Polk Branch, b. Sept. 19, 1871; Ella May Branch, b. June 3, 
1873, died Oct. 13, 1892. 

Oliver Cromwell Branch, third child of A. and N., b. Sept. 2, 1831, mar- 
ried May 13, 1852, Margaret E. Woolwine, died Jan. 1859. Married second 
wife July 25, 1860, Margaret Burns; children, seven: Laura A. Branch, b. 
Jan 15 1856; Marv Emily Branch, b. May 4, 1858; James Monroe Branch, 
b Aug 12 1860, died Jan. 3, 1898; Gennetta Branch, b. Sept. 29, 1865; Asher 
Branch b' Aug. 24, 1872, died Sept. 19, 1872; Mattie Branch, b. Aug. 24, 
1872, died Oct. 1, 1872; Alice Branch, b. Oct. 31. 1877. 

kills Robinson Branch died unmarried, fourth child of A. & N. 

Lafayette Branch, fifth child of A. and R., b. Jan. 17, 1843, died Jan. 
8 1895. Married, Sept. 22, 1869, Mary Elizabeth Childers, b. Feb. 3. 1847. 
Children five Betta Dealla, born Oct. 23, 1871; Vaulton J., b. Nov. 28, 

1873; Eugene Edgar, b. Aug. 3, 1876; James Oscar, b. Aug. 9, 1879; Emily 

Florence, b. Aug. 17, 1881. . ., i ., , ^ a p o • Tr,-„ 

Marion W Branch; nothing heard of her; sixth child of A. & K., Vir- 
ginia Branch, seventh child of A. & R., died; Sarah Branch, eighth child of 

A. & R., deceased. ^ ^o-^- ^. i • o+ 

Another Branch. John, born in Swanton, Vt., Aug. 2, 180o; died m bt. 
Albans Vt, July 4, 1881; children three: John Branch, b. July 12, 1842 m 
St Albans Vt.; one son. John. Jr., b. Sept. 23, 1884, in St. Albans, Vt., 
Harriet Branch, b. April 24, 1847; Horace Branch, b. Sept. 24, 1S48. 


Branch Family Record 


. 41 

Branch Family Record 



Branch Family Record 


» > 


Branch Family Record 



Branch Family Record 



Branch Family Record 



Of People Herein Mentioned as far as Possible 

Arms, F. H., Grand Ledge, Mich. 

Selali, Proprietor Imperial 
Wheels, Maderia Cyclery, Ma 
deria, Cal. 
" George M., Farmer, Portland, 

" Hiiman, Maderia, Cal. 
" Paul, Denver, Col. 
Ambler, Mrs. Frances E., Mendota, 
" Miss Harriet, Teacher, 
Mendota, 111. 
Carlos, Mendota, 111. 
Ayers, Geo. L., 256 8th St, Oakland, 

Averille. Mrs. Mary, Allegan, Mich. 
Ayliffe, Mrs. Chas., Kipton, Ohio. 

Mattie, Kipton, Ohio. 
Alexander, Herbert, Akron, O. 
Orlo, Akron, O. 

Bailey, Phebe, Bingnomville, Vt. 
Benedict, Fred, Muskegon, Mich. 
Bolles, Anna, New London, Conn. 
Bowers, Mrs. Ansil, York, O. 
Brown, M. E., Kingsville, O. 
Burdoin, Rudolph. Cleveland. O. 
Burnett, Mrs. Ethelyn, Medina, O. 
Branch, Arthur, York, O. 

M. E., Proprietor Green Ga- 
bles Stock and Fruit 
Farm, Mallet Creek, O. 
" Harry, Wellington, O. 

John R., New York City. 
Lewis, Slitters, N. Y. 
Chas. J., Slitters. N. Y. 
Miss Sarah E.. Pittsfield, 111. 
Stanley A.. Pittsfield. III. 
" Levi, Farmer, York, O. 

Theodocia W., Dexter, Mich. 

Branch, Wm. Hubbard, Pittsfield, 

" Robert Mason, Florence, 

" Arthur Williamson, Mich. 

Roy. St. Louis, Mo. 

Homer F., Kingsville, O. 

Chas. F., Tully, N. Y. 
" Bruce, W., Insurance Solici- 

tor, W. Union, Iowa. 

Earl M., W. Union, Iowa. 
" Oliver, W., W. Union, Iowa. 

E. C, Mendon. N. D. 
" Alpheus, Providence, R. I. 

" Philip N., Boston, Mass. 

" John F., Fresno, Cal. 

" Elbert C, Lawyer, Macog- 

docker, Texas. 

" Maj. Chas. F., Physician, 
Amherst, Mass. 

" Vernon H., Vice President 

of Bank, Wichita. Kan. 
W'alter T., Beloit, Kan. 
" Miss Elsie, Ravenna. O. 
" Col. Albert. Civil Engineer. 

Denver, Col. 
" Jay E., Farmer. Orwell. Vt. 

" Miss Anna L.. Orwell. Vt. 

E. H., of the firm Teft, Wel- 

ler & Co., 451-6th St., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
" E. C. Physician, Fargo, N. 

J. C, 1014 Mulbury St., 

Owasso. ?»Iich. 
" Isaac N.. Wholesale Confec- 

fectioner, .Jackson. Mich. 
" R. H., 511 East-I48th St., 

New York City. 


Parker, D^ew 

Park Row, 

Branch, J. G. W., 511 East 148-St., 
New York City.. 
" Edwin, New York City. 

" W. Wirt, Engineer, Charles- 

ton, W. Va. 
" Oliver E., Lawyer, Manches- 

ter, N. H. 
Edward P., Melbourn, Fla. 
Wm. S., Melbourn, Fla. 
" Edwin, Retired Merchant, 
130 Pearl St., Manchester, 
N. H. 
Miss Alma W., 
" Miss Happy E., Boston, 

Wm. S., Druggist, 

S. D. 
Leonidas C, 102 
Dallas, Texas. 
" Eugene F., Fresno, Cal. 

Sidney, R. D. 3, Hart. Mich. 
Hilas R..R.D.3. Hart, Mich. 
Nelson, Hart, Mich. 
" Alvin, Pentwater, Mich. 
Carl, York, O. 
Ernest, Akron, O. 
" Foster J., Akron, 

" Fred M., Medina, 

Merton E., 

Cleveland, O. 
E. W., Prof., Cleveland, O. 
E. P., Prop. Book Store and 
Bazar, Melbourn, Fla. 
" Burton A., 34 Monroe St., 

Chicago, 111. 
" Wm. S., 4514 Indiana Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Frank, McCormack, S. C. 
William, McCormack, S. C. 
Clifford, McCormack, S. C. 

Campbell, Mrs. Ellen A., Fruitdale, 
" Allian. LebaJ 

Carlton, Emily, Waterto^ 




Corlew, A. W., Mason, Ashtabula, O. 
Cone, Mrs. Stella, Middlefield, O. 
Coe, Mrs. J. Frances, Le Roy, N. Y. 
Cutler, Henry, Florence, Mass. 

George, Florence, Mass. 
Clark, Mrs. Hattie C, Lincoln, Neb, 

Eugene, Medina. O. 
Carver, Eugene. Oakland. Cal. 
Canfield, Mrs. Bell, Manistee, MiCx.. 

Dickerman, C. P., Stock Breeder, 

Mallet Creek, O. 
Daniels, Perlie E., 1497 Cedar, Cleve- 
land, O. 

E., Mechanical Engi- 





Depew. Mrs. Angle, Collinwood, O. 
Dabovich, Mrs. Geo., Oakland, Cal. 

Evans, S. A., Owasso, Mich. 

Evarts. Sarah, Monroe, O. 

Earl, Mrs. Winson, Saxon, Wis. 


" Alvy, 
French, Mrs 
Fraze, Mrs. 

Mrs. Addie, Litchfield, O. 
Louis E.. Needles, Cal. 

6137 Woodland, Chicago, 

Pearl , 

E., Ravenna, 
Akron, O. 


Gillett, Susan M., Cleveland, O. 
Gardner, C. D., Manistee, Mich. 

" Mrs. Elizabeth, Pentwater, 

" Mason, Medina, O. 

" Harry R., Merchant, Mallet 

Creek, O. 
" F. O., Pentwater, Mich. 

" Darwin B.. Pentwater, Mich 

Wm. H., Pentwater. Mich. 
Goodyear, Alonzo, Chelsea, Mich. 
Gower, Mrs. Gertrude, Ai^ron, O. 
Griswold, Chas., Castleton, Vt. 
Gee, Fred, N. Spring#eld, O. 


Hartzell, Mrs. Jacob, Scranton Ave., 

Cleveland, O. 
Hastings, Ruth, Battle Creek, Mich. 
Hickox, Arthur. Sherwood, O, 
Higby, Geo., Painter, Garrettsville, O. 
Hills, Mrs. L. G. B., Oberlin. O. 
Hoppe, Mrs. C. E., Berkley, Cal. 
Hosmer, Sylvester. Farmer, Middle- 
field. O. 
Lee, Telegraph Operator. 
Mrs. Ruby A.. Middlefield O- 
Hudson. Mrs. Frances, Detroit, Mich. 
Hunting, M. M., Louisville, Ken. 

H. G., Orchard St.. Chicago, 111. 
Mary O., Teacher, Luding- 

ton, Mich. 
Bernice, Missionary, Trip- 

ole. Syrnia. 
Mrs. Frances, 101 W. Man- 
sion St., Marshall, Mich. 

Irwin, Miss Ursula. 

Johnson, Mrs. Kate, 607 N. Poplar 
St., Charlotte, N. C. 
B. B., Ann Arbor. Mich. 
E. M., Owasso, Mich. 
A. W., Merchant, Owasso, 
Judson, Lyman. Benzomia, Mich. 

Loder, Mrs. Etta, Dressmaker, Pierce 

City, Mo. 
Lyman, Mrs. Edward, Greenfield, 

Magee, Chas., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Maynard, M. M., Louisville. Ken. 
Maydole. Elmer, LaGrange. O. 
Maynard, W. H., Marquette, Mich. 

Alfred F., Buena Park, 1546 

Kenmore, Chicago. 111., Sec. 

and Treas. Soutn Chicago 

Furnace Co. 
Mead, Mrs. Sarah, Lansing. Mich. 
Mead, E. A., Dep. W. S. Custom office 
111 Stanton St., Detroit, Mich. 
Miller, Nathan, Wellington, O. 
Mock, Evelyn, Hamilton. Ind. 
Morse. Jennie. North Springfield, O. 
Munsill, C. W., Cleveland, O. 

Willie. Ocean City, Cal. 
McKenzie, Mariette, Owasso, Mich. 
" Rebecca, Stockbridge, 

McConnell, Burt, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Nash, Geo. K., ex- Gov.. Columbus. O. 

Ober, Zylpha V., Teacher. 1433 York 
St., Denver, Colo. 

Kinsman. Mary, Rutland, Vt. 
King, Mrs. Cynthia. Chicago, 111. 
Knapp, Mrs. Edmond, Garrettsville, O. 
Miss Perlia, Book-keeper, 
Garrettsville, O. 
" Howard, Garrettsville, O. 

Leach, Thomas, Chelsea, Mich. 
Lenard, Blanch, Los Angeles, Cal. 
" • Nellie. Los Angeles. Cal. 
Londly, Geo. B.. Hamlet, N. C. 
Mary F., Atlanta, Ga. 
" Miss Virginia A., Nurse, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Paris, Mrs. Angle. Sherwood. O. 
Paris, Mrs. Rachel A., Sherwood. O. 
Pierce, John Crilland. Forest, O. 
Pierce, Fanny L.. Cleveland, O. 
Pierce. Wilber, Forest, O. 
Polk, Kline. Macogdosker. Texas. 
Polk. Norman H., Macogdocker, Tex. 
Parsons, Mrs. Chas., 179 Wellington 

St.. Cleveland, O. 
Parsons, Mrs. Willie, Stowe, Vt. 
Paulson. Mrs. A. E., R. D. 3, Ashta- 
bula, O. 
Phelps, May E., Orwell. Vt. 
•" • Willie. Howard. S. D. 


Page, Mrs. Wm., Fostoria, O. 
Patterson, Clias. J., Sliters, N. Y. 
Peckliam, Mrs. Abby L., Providence, 

R. I. 
Phillips, James, Howard, S. D. 

Mrs. E. L., Duluth, Minn. 
Pickett, Frank, Scott, N. Y. 

Rees, Mrs. Amealia, 972 Euclid Ave., 

Cleveland, O. 
Rees, Mrs. Cornelia, 972 Euclid Ave., 

Cleveland, O. 
Reeve, Myrtle, Howard, S. D. 
Rick, Albert, Forest, O. 
Richniond, Mrs. Alma, 16 Fort St., 

Ashtabula, O. 
Reck, Mina. Piqua, O. 
" Wilbur, 
" Alfred, 

Scoiner. Mrs. Geo., Oakland, Cal. 
Scott, W. M., Los Angeles, Cal. 
H. W., Fletcher, Vt. 
Rapidee Parish, La. 
Parish. La. 
Nelson. Congl. Minister, Am- 
herst, Mass. 
" Frank M.. New Britton, Conn. 
Don J.. New Britton, vJonn. 
W. M., Cambridge. Vt. 
Geo. M. Binghamville, Vt. 
Lemuel. Ottawa. Can. 
Clarence. Ottawa. Can. 
Seth, New York City. 
Marcus. Custom wfRcer, Otta- 
wa. Canada. 
Slocum. C. F., Ashtabula. O. 
Smith, Frank. Allegon. Mich. 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, Chelsea. Mich. 
Spitzer. A. L.. Banker. Toledo, Ohio 
Starr, Mr. Will, Oak Park, 111. 

Starr, Royal, Traverse City, Mica. 
Stewart, Mrs. Helen M., R. D. 3, 
Ashtabula, O. 
Alfred, R. D. 3, Ashtabula, O. 
Paul, Ashtabula. O. 
" Marc, Ashtabula, O, 
Stickney, Luira, Cleveland, O. 
Swadling, Mrs. Myta, Lapeer, Mich. 

Thompson, Mrs. Loretta, Traverse 

City, Mich. 
Thatcher, Evalyn, Medina, O. 
" Anna 

Van, Mrs. Inez, Penfield, O. 
Van Horn, Nellie, Hagenstrasse, 37 
Griinewald, Berlin, Germany 
Vangerison, J.. Battle Creek, Mich. 
Vose, Mrs. Mary, Providence, R. 1. 

Wallace, J., Owassa, Mich. 
Warner, Mrs. Amealia. Medina. O. 
Watkins, Lyman, R. D. 4, Medina, O. 
Welton. Lucius, Ashtabula, O. 
Wetherbee, E. J., Concord, N. H. 
Wetherbee, Abagail, St. Johns, Vt. 

Byron P., Fletcher, Vt. 
Westfall, Lillian, Troy, N. Y. 
Whitman. Lillie, Cleveland, O. 
Whitehead, Mrs. Lucinda, Penfield, 

Wilson, Ella, Lake Mills. Wis. 
Weight, Porter, Croton, Ohio. 

James M., 33 Madison, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Emory M.. Granville. O. 

Cynthia, Granville, O. 

Minnie, ■ — — ■ — 

Charles S., • 





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.9^ * 


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